Users of this system are hereby informed that this game provides no facility for the sending or receiving private messages. The system administrators can and occasionally do view any and all information on this game.

There. That's the legalese out of the way. In reality, the logs are controlled to prevent accidental disclosure. This control isn't necessarily perfect, so there is always the possibility that something said could potentially get revealed (i.e. a hacker breaking in). Still, we take every precaution we can to ensure that this does not happen.

Everything on the game is logged. Everything. Every command typed. However, we don't look at them much, unless there's a definite need to. Logs may only be pulled at the request of an admin in very specific cases:

1. Reasonable suspicion of cheating and/or code abuses.

2. Accusations of harassment.

3. Accusations of serious player or staffer misconduct.

4. Disputes regarding suspected falsification of player-submitted logs.

In other circumstances, the logs remain the property of the site admin. The information stored within them will not be publicly redistributed, and its distribution will be limited to staff members of this game only in the case of the above-listed circumstances. Even in that event, only material pertinent to the situation at hand, the players involved, and/or the time-frame involved will be viewed. In no case will private pages or private channel discussion be viewed by anyone other than the siteadmin except as it pertains to the above-listed situations.

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