Power Plots

Power Plots

Powerplots, also called 'gloves off' plots, provide a way for you, as players, to run plots with higher rewards than those given by the guidelines in Playerplots. These plots are run exactly like normal playerplots, but are subject to the following additional rules.

1. There is no hard upper limit on payout. However, admins may adjust the payout to conform to IC reality or to maintain game balance. In addition, while the payout may be large, the players face risks based on their actions as outlined in the Risks policy, plus any additional risks the admin reviewing the log feels appropriate.

2. The plot will be run non-consent. All participating players must indicate their understanding and agreement with this rule and the rules in this document within the log. Players must understand that, if IC circumstances warrant, they can and will receive consequences during or after the plot, up to and including their character's IC death.

3. When sending the QMail for the log, you must indicate it is a powerplot as part of your request.

4. Character death within plots will be subject to admin review to make certain it is reasonable and not OOCly motivated in any way. However, in most cases, it will not be overturned.

5. When the log is submitted, details about any NPC's and/or security arrangements, etc. should be included in the header.

6. The player running the plot should give at least two examples of information the players lacked or mistakes that were made that could, potentially, lead to consequences post-plot. These don't have to be certainties. They could be things such as a street bum who saw them, or a camera they missed disabling, or perhaps even a certain rich member of the mafia who attaches sentimental value to the item stolen far beyond its book value.

The purpose of powerplots is to permit characters to pursue something with more risk and more reward, if they wish to. Participation is always optional, though once involved you may not be able to back out of it — at the discretion of the admins or the player running it.

Be aware that the more reward you pursue, the higher the risks, and the more likely that consequences could occur. Very seldom, though, will you be simply killed or arrested with no way out. Usually there will be options that you can take — though they might not be pleasant or very likely to succeed. It all depends on what you did.

Also note that the consequences will not necessarily happen. It depends how careful the group was, how much 'damage' they caused, and other factors related to the plot itself — as well as a simple element of random chance. The additional followup should, in most cases, generate additional challenges and additional roleplaying. If you have any questions, then as always, feel free to contact a staff member before running the plot.

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