Polearms Information

Pole Arms Information


A bayonet is a long knife designed to be attached under the barrel of a rifle-sized weapon. When wielded in melee combat from the end of a weapon, in a similar fashion to a spear, use the Pole Arms skill and the damage on the table. It may be detached and used as a standard knife with the Edged Weapons skill.

Bo Staff

The bo staff is a hard, straight piece of wood, plastic, or metal approximately two meters long. This is a two-handed weapon.


This Scottish two-handed sword has tremendous reach, but is also massively heavy. Trolls love to wield this weapon as an intimidating reminder of how small the rest of the world is in comparison. Strength Minimum of 4.

Combat Axe

A tungsten alloy axe with a spring-loaded thrusting point concealed in the handle.


A harpoon is a metal- or plastic-shafted spear with a barbed head used by divers for spearfishing and hunting large sea creatures. This is a two-handed weapon.


An ancient throwing weapon, the javelin is a narrow, well-balanced spear with an extremely sharp tip. When used in conjunction with a spear thrower, the extra leverage increases the Strength of the wielder's attack by 1.


A two-handed Japanese sword that is similar to a katana, but with a much larger curved blade. Minimum Strength of 3.

Pole Arm

A spear-like weapon, usually featuring an axe-head or other blade. Uncommon on the streets.


Like all pole arms, the spear is virtually impossible to conceal and so is rarely seen in the sprawl. It is, however, an inexpensive and highly effective melee weapon.


A large, heavy stick, popular with magicians for that traditional look.

Telescoping Staff

When collapsed, this weapon is the size of a standard club. A quick spin telescopes sturdy staffs from each end, tripling its length. Like the extendable baton, this weapon is more easily concealed when it closed than a standard staff.

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