Population 38,300,000
SINless Population (est.) 39%
Per Capita Income 12,000
Below Poverty Level 36%
Megacorporate Affiliation 41%
Less than 12 years 15%
GED 65%
4 year degree 15%
Masters or higher 5%
Major Language Polish (87%)
Currency Złoty
(1 Złoty = 0.05 =Y=)
Capital Warsaw

Poland is an occupied country undergoing a civil war. Social unrest is barely under control, and current standoff could explode into conflict any day. There is a feeling of weight of oppression and the general gloominess and brutality.

National Republic of Poland remains the official government in control of most Polish territory, but it has little support from the common people, and even its Russian "allies" treat is increasingly like a sorry excuse for a puppet state that doesn't even live up to its name, assuming more and more responsibilities and moving the few remaining rybokrats away from crucial positions, replacing them with Russian personnel.

A state of war exists between Russia and Polish resistance controlled territories like Free Republic of Poland. Both sides are exhausted, and preparing for a new stage in war, low-level fighting takes place all along the border, with Russians controlling most of the airspace and launching air raids, up to carpet bombing, at Polish-held targets.

After the Awakening, many former battlefields and sites of carnage from Europe's many wars became haunted by ghosts. Even the recent Euro Wars left their mark, as witnessed by the specters lingering in the battlefields of Pustynia. But the most haunted and spiritually corrupt areas by far are those where great massacres occurred, particularly former Nazi concentration camps and the Warsaw ghetto.

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