Phoenix Fire Management
Name Phoenix Fire Management Inc.
Home Office Houston, CAS
Sectors Covered All
Services Fire Department

Phoenix Fire Management Incorporated

The Denver subsidiary of the Houston and San Antonio-based fire prevention and control company, Phoenix has fifty-seven fire stations of varying size and capability across the Front Range region. Thirty-seven of those stations lie within Denver itself, while the others spread throughout the surrounding area. These facilities are capable of handling all but the worst possible cases in the sectors in which they protect, and can call on assistance from other stations within that sector or surrounding sectors if the blaze in uncontrollable. Stations must call on aid from within the sector unless the delay would cause extensive damage or loss of life, in which case aid may be brought in from other sectors.

Phoenix has recently started arming some employees on their trucks after gangers and shadowrunners have caused problems. This has led Phoenix to start employing 'safety specialists' to insure that both the firefighters and the blaze they are containing are kept safe until local law enforcement can contain the situation.

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