Pheromone And Chemical Sniffers

Pheromone Detection

Pheromone Scanner: In order to pick up scent, the scanner rolls vs. the character's base signature (6 for most metahumans, 5 for trolls), modified by the table.

Pheromone Detection
Condition Perception Test Modifier
Light Exertion (jogging, light lifting) -1
Heavy Exertion (running, fighting, heavy lifting) -2
Menstruating (females only) -2
Tailored Pheromones, Rating 1 -1
Tailored Pheromones, Rating 2 -2
Cultured Tailored Pheromones, Rating 1 -2
Cultured Tailored Pheromones, Rating 2 -4
Clean Metabolism Bioware +4
Null Scent Drug Reduces modifier by 2

Chemical Sniffers

Chemsniffers: To determine if a chemsniffer detects explosives or ammo, make a Rating (10) Test, modified as per the chart. One success is all that is required to detect the explosive or ammo.

Chemical Detection Modifiers
Situation Modifier
for each 8 standard rounds (or portion thereof) -1
for each 6 explosive rounds (or portion thereof) -1
for each 1 concussion or frag hand grenade -1
for each 2 smoke or flash grenades -1
for each 3 mini-grenades (any type) -1
for each 30 grams of standard (non-plastique) explosive -1
for each 100 grams of plastique -1
Explosives/ammo contained in plastic +1
Explosives/ammo hermetically sealed +4
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