Perception Modifiers
Visual Perception Test Modifiers
Sight Modifier
Character is Distracted +2
Very Small Object +6
Object is Partially Hidden +2
Object Brightly Colored -2
Action Very Obvious -4
Action Not Obvious +4
Visibility Modifiers See Visibility Chart
Appropriate Environment, not moving +4
Appropriate Environment, moving +1
Inappropriate Environment -2
Ruthenium Fibers
Per Scanner, Max 12 +1
vs. Radar, Thermo, and Ultrasonics Half Scanner Modifier (round down)
Sound Modifier
Single Gunshot -2
Single Gunshot, Silenced +0
Burst Fire -4
Burst Fire, Suppressed -2
Full Auto -6
Full Auto, Suppressed -4
Grenade Blast -8
A Person's Yell -2
Sound is several rooms away +2
Sound is on same floor +4
Sound is floors away +6
Character has active sound enhancements -Rating or -2
Spacial Recognizer (for locating sound) -2
Spacial Recognizer, w/High Frequency -3
Smell Modifier
Odor Obvious/Character has Olfactory Boosters -4
Other odors present +2
Touch Modifier
Temperature Extreme (Hot or Cold) -4
Character wearing gloves +2
Per Level of Orthoskin +1
Active Pain Editor +4
Tactile Sensitivity Bioware -2
Taste Modifier
Taste Obvious -4
Character has a cold +2
Any Sense Modifier
Character Distracted +2
Perception Success Table
Successes Result
0 Huh?
1 Something is there.
2 Something is definitely there, and the character has a general idea of what it is.
3 The character knows it is there and what type it is, and suspects exact nature.
4+ The character knows it is there and what it is, but has no specifics without further information or examination.
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