Name Pentabucks
Location UCAS Sector
+poof br/12
Theme Coffee


Pentabucks, the national chain of soykaf shops, has recently remodeled after a small fire. Selling soykaf and pastries for the masses, their ability to make soykaf taste like real coffee is reaching urban legend proportions.

Amen to that. I've had the real stuff, and I've had Pentabucks, and you ask me, Pentabucks is better.

Pentabucks. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Aztechnology Foods. The same people who brought you Soylent Green!
Well, yeah, but the soykaf's good, and they know how to make cappucino and lattes using the stuff.

I swear by Pentabucks. You never know what you're getting when you get 'real' coffee. Those biologicals the corps used in Amazonia are still floating around, neh? 'Swhy we have soykaf in the first place, real coffee's too expensive to grow.

And of course, the revival of the living rain forest down in old Colombia has nothing to do with it, eh?

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