Navigation is how to find your way from Point A to Point B. Even with a GPS and other advanced technology, finding your way through the wilderness is a tricky skill to master. Without such technology, it can be very difficult. Characters attempting to navigate across the wilderness make a Navigation Test each day they are traveling.

Navigation Tests

First, determine scatter distance and direction from the destination using the scatter rules on page 118 of SR3 Core. The scatter distance is equal to 10 percent of the travel distance multiplied by 1d6.

Second, the characters make a Navigation Success Test. For a group, use the highest Navigation skill of all the characters in the group. The base Target Number is 4, subject to the modifiers from the Navigation Modifiers Table. Each success reduces the scatter distance by five percent of the travel distance per success. If the scatter distance is 0 or less, the characters arrive exactly at their destination.

If the scatter distance is greater than 0, the characters have wandered off target and arrived at another location. Once they realize they are lost, make another Navigation (4) Test, applying the appropriate modifiers. If the characters gain at least one success, they have figured out their location and can navigate a new course to where they need to go. Note that they must still make additional Navigation Tests if the journey takes more than one day.

If any Navigation Test results in all 1s, the characters are totally lost and cannot figure out where they are or how to get to their destination for 24 hours. The GM should feel free to locate them anywhere desired within reason.

Navigation Modifiers Table

Situation Modifier
GPS Present * -2
Compass Present * -1
Vehicle Autonav * -(Autonav -1)
Map or Mapsofts Available -1
Familiar Terrain -1
Weather Conditions
Clear -1
Overcast +0
Bad +2
Terrible +4

* Only one of these modifiers may be applied.

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