Nature Totems
Totem Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Moon Wild place far from civilization or the hidden corners of the city. +2 dice with Illusion and Transformation Manipulation spells, +1 die with Detection spells, +1 die with Spirits of the Waters. -1 die for Combat spells. Willpower (6) Test to engage in direct confrontation. Secretive, Ever-Changing
Mountain Mountain +2 dice for Manipulation spells and Mountain Spirits -1 die for Illusion spells. Willpower (6) Test to change course of action once set. Inflexible, Strong, Stubborn
Oak Forest +2 dice for Health Spells and Forest Spirits, +2 dice to Hearth Spirits in structures built of mostly oak. Minimum Body and Strength of 4. Patient, Noble, Protector
Sea On or near the sea +2 dice for Health and Transformation spells, +2 dice for Sea and Ship (Hearth) Spirits Cannot give anything away for free. Willpower (6) Test to back down from insults. Possessive, Deep, Proud, Ever-Changing
Stream Near shores of river/stream +2 dice for Health spells and River Spirits -1 die for Combat spells Steady, Balanced, Peaceful, Harmonious
Sun Anywhere under an open sky +2 dice with Combat, Detection, and Health spells and +2 dice for any Spirit while in direct sunlight +2 to ALL conjuring numbers at night, minimum Charisma 4 Noble, Brave, Charismatic
Wind Anywhere under an open sky +2 dice for Detection spells and Spirits of the Sky +2 to all magical TNs when not under open sky. Chaotic, Unrestrained
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