Mythic Totems
Totem Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Fenrir Forests +3 dice with Combat spells, +1 die with Forest Spirits. Willpower (8) Test to back down or flee from confrontation. If wounded, goes berserk like Bear Fearless, Aggressive, Ruthless, Easily Angered
Gargoyle Urban +1 die with Detection and Illusion spells, +2 dice with City Spirits. -1 die for Spirits of the Waters. Must live in skyscraper or castle-like structure, up high. Patient, Observant, Fierce Fighter
Griffin Mountains +2 dice with Combat spells, +2 dice with Spirits of the Skies. Willpower (6) Test to if insulted/offended, if fails will fly into rage and attack the target. Wise, Proud, Honorable
Leviathan On or near the sea +1 die with Health and Manipulation spells, +2 dice with Sea Spirits. -1 die for Illusion spells. Graceful, Wise, Calm, Takes time to Act
Pegasus Rural area under open sky +2 dice with Detection and Health spells, +2 dice with Spirits of the Sky. Massive problems with being indoors, Death Frenzy, other. Please see MITS, page 159. Wild, Free, Sky, Fierce Fighter
Phoenix Desert and Fields +1 die with Health and Illusion spells, +2 dice with Spirits of the Flames. Can survive physical overflow damage of Body x 2. However, each time overflow occurs in the Physical column, reduce the total by 1. This means that over time, Phoenix may lose all overflow boxes. May not summon Spirits of Man, minimum Charisma 4, must know creative performance skill (singing, musical instrument) which may be used for geasa or centering. Proud, Artistic, Symbol of beauty and rebith
Plumed Spirit Anywhere in Aztlan +2 dice with Detection spells, +2 die with Spirits of the Sky. +2 dice to all magical TNs outside the territorial borders of Aztlan Warrior, Proud, Thinks before Acting, Honors Homeland
Thunderbird Under the open sky +2 dice with Combat and Detection spells, +1 dice with Storm Spirits. -1 for magical tests when not under an open sky Moody and subject to bouts of fury like Shark, berzerking when wounded or when they kill an opponent. Primal, Majestic, Symbol of Storm
Unicorn Forest +2 dice with Health and Illusion spells, +2 dice with Spirits of the Land. Receive Aura Reading for free at 1/2 starting Intelligence score. Double all essence losses from cyberware. Sky, Naturalist, Strict Moral Code
Wyrm Mountains +2 dice with Health and Manipulation spells, +2 dice with Mountain Spirits. Willpower (6) Test to quit a task and do something else. Sleeps average of 70 hours a week. Slow, Lazy, Isolative, Strong body and will.
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