In addition to the choices of Free, Simple and Complex Actions, characters may also choose to move during their Combat Turn. Movement in no way changes the availability of Free, Simple, or Complex Actions.

Movement Rate

Besides being stationary, characters may choose to Run or Walk. This is the distance, in meters, the character moves in that Combat Turn.

  • Walk: A character moves up to Quickness meters.
  • Run: A character moves up to Quickness x Running modifier meters.

Running Modifier Chart

Each metatype has a modifier to their running rate, as shown below:

Race Running Rate
Human x3
Dwarf x2
Elf x3
Ork x3
Troll x3

Moving in Combat

Movement during combat is divided equally between the turn's Initiative Passes. The maximum distance a character can move is equal to the maximum Movement Rate for the type of movement selected in that turn divided by the total number of Initiative Passes (round up) in that Combat Turn.

This result is the most that character can move during each Initiative Pass. If the player moves even a single meter, they are assumed to be moving at the rate declared and suffer the appropriate penalties. Characters may continue to move during passes in which they have no available actions, moving their maximum distance for that pass after all other characters have taken their actions.


When walking and doing anything that requires a Success Test, the character suffers a +1 TN modifier to the test. If the movement is over rough terrain or obstacles, that modifier increases to +2.


If a character is running, they suffer a +4 TN modifier to any test taken. This test increases to +6 if over rough terrain or obstacles.

A character may attempt to increase their running speed, a character would roll their Athletics (Running) Test to increase their effective Quickness for 1 Combat Phase takes a Complex Action, with a default TN of 4. This TN may be modified for bad terrain (slippery, rocky, etc) and other conditions as ruled by the GM. Each success increases the PC's effective Quickness by 1 point for the next Combat Phase.


If movement takes a character within one meter of an opponent, and the character attempts to pass by without attacking the opponent, that opponent can make a free melee attack. If the opponent has a weapon ready, he uses his normal Melee Combat Skill Rating; otherwise, he uses Martial Arts Skill. The attacker’s Target Number is 4. The only modifiers are those applied for reach, movement, or the attacker’s condition. The defending character is assumed to be in Full Defense.

If the character attempting to pass takes damage, he is considered to be intercepted and he cannot continue his movement.

The Combat Pool may be used to augment these rolls.

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