Mountain Hills

Mountain Hills

Mountain Hills can best be described as 'quaint'. It's a nice place if you need to lie low. The manager is a good Christian woman (self-described) who industriously tries to keep the place as nice as possible. There's not a lot of money floating around, apparently, because while it's kept clean and neat, it'd be listed as a fixer-upper by a real-estate agent. The rooms are tiny one-bedroom jobs, but not too bad. Big thing, though — she doesn't tolerate any nonsense. Good security for a place its size, so don't try to sneak anything past, and keep everything clean on the surface. Oh, and have a good SIN — she checks 'em all, religiously, just like the fancy places.

The owner charges a security deposit of 500 nuyen and processing fees of 200 nuyen, so add that into your budget when heading over to check her out. A good place in an OK neighborhood. Lock your car and keep to yourself and you'll be golden.

Mountain Hills
Low-end Medium Lifestyle
It't not swanky, but the walls are solid enough, the parking is reasonably secure and the gangs don't really seem to bother this place all that much. On the down side, it's not got much in the way of amenities and its pretty far from downtown and the Star does occasionally check the plates of the cars in the parking lot.

Name Mountain Hills
Location CAS Sector
+poof ah/3 (mountain)
Lifestyle Low
Rent Per Month 1,980+
Rooms 2
SIN Required Yes


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