Medievo Penthouses

Castle Medievo Penthouses

The luxurious penthouses sit high atop the Castle Medievo Casino Complex, granting residents not only access to Denver's hottest gambling facility but all the amenities of the jet-set lifestyle. In the heart of Downtown, Castle Medievo is but a stone's throw from any number of exclusive dining, shopping, and entertainment venues.

These exclusive suites, and there are but a few, are usually held by the movers and shakers in Denver, those who appreciate the finer things and have the personal fortune to reside in the lap of luxury.

At present, all the penthouses are occupied, but when available they grant the resident an immediate jump in their social status. A free country club pass is given to each occupant and entry into the exclusive VIP gambling facility at Castle Medievo, used by poker great Carlos 'Clubs' Ricci.

Game Note: Access to this residence is by staff sponsored or approved plot only.

Name Castle Medievo Penthouses
Location New FTZ
+poof ah/4 (medievo)
Lifestyle High
Rent Per Month 10,000
Rooms 6
SIN Required Yes


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