Matrix Quick Resolution

Matrix Quick Resolution

Step 1: Make a list of what the decker hopes to accomplish in the system, from easiest to aquire to the hardest, or according to whatever information or tasks the decker prioritizes.

Step 2: The Decker makes a single Computer (Decking) Test, using all the Hacking Pool at their disposal. The Target Number for this is the Security Value of the system.

Step 3: The Security Code for the system acts as a threshold for the minimum number of successes needed: Blue 1, Green 2, Orange 3, and Red 4. Each success past this threshold allows the decker to obtain one item from his list, in order. If the Gamemaster prefers, he can skip the list and allow the decker to ask one question, take one particular action, or look for one specific piece of data per success past the threshold.

Step 4: Optional: To make the procedure a bit more challenging to the decker, add this additional test. Make a Security Value Test for the system vs. the Decker's Detection Factor. Each success by the system inflicts one point of damage to the decker's persona. You can also substitute damage to the decker's MPCP, a successful trace, or even damage to the decker himself due to black or grey IC.

Quick Resolution Decking: Single Test

Test: Computer (Decking) Skill + Hacking Pool
Target Number: System Security Value
Threshold: Blue 1, Green 2, Orange 3, Red 4

Each net success over the threshold allows one action/search

Optional: Security Value (Detection Factor) Test to inflict damage.

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