Maneuver Bonus Granted
Blind Fighting Reduce any visibility Target Numbers by 2 in melee. May be used with any Combat Option.
Close Combat Negates opponent's Reach bonus and your Reach bonus. Reduces Power of attack by -1. May be used with any of the Combat Options.
Disorient If the character using this maneuver receives more successes than opponent, she inflicts no damage but instead stuns the opponent (+2 to all TNs) until the end of the next Initiative Pass (or end of current Combat Turn, whichever comes first). This modifier is cumulative, up to a maximum penalty of +8
Evasion -1 TN modifier to Dodge Test when using Full Defense. May not initiate melee attack on next action.
Focus Strength Spend Complex Action to focus, receives +1 Power to next melee engagement (whether attacking or defending). This maneuver ends when the +1 Power is used. May be used with the Called Shot and Charging options.
Focus Will Spend Complex Action to focus, receives +2 to Willpower for purposes of fighting a materialized spirit in a contest of wills during next melee engagement (whether attacking or defending.) This maneuver ends when the +2 is used
Ground Fighting Negates the prone modifier. May be used with the Full Defense option.
Herding Melee Test as normal. If the character wins, he may force the opponent to move in whatever direction he desires, 1 meter per success (up to character's max for that pass.) If herded into a restricted position, the opponent suffers +2 TN modifier until he is able to move away. At the GM's discretion, attacks on this character may receive the Superior Position modifier.
Kick Attack Attacker's reach is +1 for that attack, but from the end of this Combat Phase until the beginning of the character's next action any melee attacks against them receive a -1 TN modifier.
Kip Up Make a Quickness (6) Test to spring to feet as a Free Action in the same Combat Phase. If he fails, he expends a Simple Action and is still prone.
Multi-Strike Reduces the TN modifier for attacking multiple opponents to +1 per extra opponent, but reduces Power of these attacks by 1.
Sweep Use the rules for Knockdown Attack option; however the sweep also causes damage. Reduce Power of the damage by half (round down).
Throw Treat as a regular melee attack with a +2 TN modifier. If the character succeeds, he makes a Strength Test with a TN equal to the opponent's Body score minus the number of successes on the Melee Test. The opponent is thrown a number of meters equal to the Strength Test successes and is prone. This inflicts damage, but the Power of the attack is halved (round down), and the opponent may suffer secondary damage if the environment is dangerous at the GM's discretion.
Vicious Blow Make a Melee Test with a +1 TN modifier. If the attack succeeds, the character may inflict Physical Damage rather than Stun. However, 4 successes are required to stage the attack one Damage Level rather than 2.
Whirling Negates the Friends In Melee penalty until character's next Combat Phase, but the character suffers a +1 TN modifier on any attacks made during this time.
Zoning Make a Melee Test as normal; if the attack succeeds inflict no damage but instead receive the Superior Position bonus on the next engagement with that foe, whether on attack or defense. This may be used with the Full Defense option.
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