Magical Security Gear
Security Gear Availability Cost SI Legal
Biofiber Force/1w (100Y x Force)/m2 2 Legal
Biofiber Nutrient Solution 6/1w 5Y/m2 1 Legal
FAB Strain-I 50m3 Aerosol 6/1w 5,000Y 2 9P-U
FAB Strain-I 500m3 Aerosol 8/2w 45,000Y 2 8P-U
FAB Strain-II Aerosol (Force)/2w (5Y x Force)/m3 2 8P-U
FAB Strain-II Encased Nutrient Colony (Force x 2)/2w (10 x Force)/m3 2 8P-U
Guardian Vines (Force x 2)/1m (100 x Force)/m3 5 8P-U
Mage Mask 4/48h 200Y 2 6P-U
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