Adept Magical Powers
Adept Power Levels Power Point Cost
Animal Empathy Any Level x .25
Commanding Voice None .5
Cool Resolve Any Level x .5
Elemental Strike
Acid Element None .5
Blast Element None .5
Fire Element None .5
Ice Element None .5
Light Element None .5
Lightning Element None .5
Metal Element None .5
Sand Element None .5
Smoke Element None .5
Water Element None .5
Empathic Healing None 1
Enthralling Performance None .5
Facial Sculpting None .75
Iron Will Any Level x .5
Magic Resistance Any Level x 1
Magical Power Any Level x 1
Melanin Control None .25
Multi-Tasking None .5
Pain Relief None 1
Spell Shroud Any Level x .25
Voice Control None .5
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