Lyve Wyre
Name Lyve Wyre
Location CAS Sector
+poof br/5
Theme Decker/Dance

Lyve Wyre

The Lyve Wyre is another of the ubiquitous night spots around the central CAS 'hub'. Catering to the young, overactive crowd with money to spend, the club offers two levels of dancing and a third with its own built-in white noise generator, to drown out the loud noises, for the drinking crowd.

The place used to be a hangout for the shadow community, but then the regular crowd found it, and turned it into a wannabe shop. That WNG on the third level is a big sign saying 'We wanna be shadowrunners'. Nowadays the only time you ever see real shadowrunners there is when a J's holding a meet and wants to save on electronics, or when the big boys are out slumming

Watch out for the bartender on level 3. Word is she used to be one of the hottest deckers in town, before she bailed from the shadows. Don't piss her off, or you might wake up and find out you no longer exist.

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