Lunar Nocturne
Name Lunar Nocturne
Location Downtown
+poof br/1
Theme Magical

Lunar Nocturne

The Lunar Nocturne is a dark lit bar filled with soft techno-classic music. It has a distinct black/silver motif with 'MOON" overlays and caters heavily to the magically active upper class citizen.

The quality of alcohol continues to be unsurpassed by even the best of the culture clubs in the greater Denver area, and the general atmosphere is relaxing and open.

Game Notes: If the bouncers/waitresses/owners can't see your weapon, you can bring it in.

>>>>> [ Nice and quiet most of the time. Pleasant atmosphere, generally polite company, and the inobtrusive clout to make sure company stays polite. Fairly popular among the magic users; even more popular among the mage posers. ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (12:15:12/03-09-70)

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