Loa Totems
Totem Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Agwe Everywhere +2 dice for Illusion spells -1 die for Combat spells Strong and Gentle, Capable of Violence, Proud, Diplomatic
Azaca Everywhere +2 dice for Health spells Willpower (6) Test to avoid taking impulsive actions Impulsive, Caretaker of Rural Land
Damballah Everywhere +2 dice for Detection and Manipulation spells Willpower (6) Test to reveal good information Graceful, Slow, Wise, Avoids Human Speech, Strict Morals, Enjoys Riddles and Metaphors
Erzulie Everywhere +2 dice for Illusion and Control Manipulation spells Must have Middle+ lifestyle, +1 TN modifiers to all magical Tests if unkempt or less than stylish Beautiful, Desirable, Enjoys Fine Clothing
Ghede Everywhere +2 dice for Health and Manipulation spells Willpower (6) Test to avoid playing a trick in inappropriate situation Trickster, Morbid Humor, Glutton
Legba Everywhere +2 dice for Detection and Manipulation spells -1 die for Combat spells, Minimum Charisma of 4 Wise, Respected, Leader
Obatala Everywhere +2 dice for Detection, Health, and Control Manipulation spells May not cast Combat spells, +2 TN modifier to all magical Tests when not wearing at least one article of white clothing Peaceful, Harmonious, Mediator, Opposed to Evil and Corruption, Protector of the Weak
Ogoun Everywhere +2 dice for Combat spells -1 die for Illusion spells, Willpower (6) Test to back down from insult to honor or prowess Proud, Warrior, Leader
Shango Everywhere +3 dice for Fire and Lightning Elemental Manipulation spells May go berserk as Bear Warrior, Tense Energy, Associated with Guns
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