This post is an attempt to clarify and/or assist players with legwork. This post will illustrate a correct way to go about things to post for legwork. This isn't the best way or the worst way it's just a way that is universal.

Make Sure You Contact The Admin Running The Plot: Doing this will ensure your legwork is actually done. Also, so staffers don't spend time trying to work out whose plot is whose, especially when there are 5-8 different plots running all at the same time.

WRITING LEGWORK: When writing legwork you need to cover certain areas to get the full information of what you're looking for.

#1. You need to work out whom you're asking this information. Are you using your contact, or just random chummer on the street, your local bartender or your local whore. Whomever you're asking you need to specify that in the legwork.

#2. After you have come up with who your going to ask you then need to know what you going to ask them. You need to specific and right to the point in most cases. Otherwise you might just get random and useless responses, I.e. if you say "Why is Ares pissed off?" you could get back many responses about that, as Ares is pissed off most of there life anyway. So you need to be spcific and right to the point.

#3. Now you have worked out who your going to ask and what you going to ask, Now you need to tell us where you going to find them. You also need to be right on the dot as well as if you say I am asking my bartender in the local bar in Denver…. Well how big is Denver? How many Local bars are there? See what I mean you need to say right to the point where you going to find this conctact and ask about this information that you seeking.

#4. Finally you then need to tell us how much you're going to spend finding this information, as not many people would give you information for free. Payment either through money, gifts, bribes, and favors. Remember money is power, you want some information found and returned to you ASAP, pay a little more…. As if someone paid 1k to find info about Jake and you only paid 500 then the person who paid 1k will get more info and faster, in the end getting to the Jake faster then you, in which you loose out.

So people don't be scared in sending legwork in as its fun and can make life easier on you and you PC. The more legwork you do the more you are prepared for anything and almost everything. Getting information about runs/plots/scenes will get you ahead of people who don't and you might even avoid getting killed by that tankish troll that hides under the bridge, since you know he is there.

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