Legality Keys

This is a key for the Legality Code found in the Shadowrun material. Please understand that the examples given are just that, examples, and there are dozens if not hundreds more items under each category.

Code Category Notes/Examples
A Small Blade Cougar Short Blade, Knife, Bayonet
B Large Blade Cougar Long Blade, Katana, Pole Arm
C Blunt Weapon Mace, Extendable Baton, AZ-150 Stun Baton
D Projectile Ranger X Bow, Crossbow
E Pistol Ares Predator III, Ruger Thunderbolt, Savalette Guardian
F Rifle SPAS-22, Remington 950
G Automatic Weapon Colt Cobra, Uzi III, Ares Alpha Assault Rifle
H Heavy Weapon Ingram Valiant, Panther Assault Cannon
J Explosives IPE Grenades, White Phosphorus Grenades
K Military Weapon ArmTech MGL-6, LAW Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower, Corporate Sec Armor
L Military Armor Military Grade Armor of all sizes and helmets
M Military Ammunition APDS, AV
N Class A Cyberware Items of a paralegal nature: Dermal Plating, Hand Razors, Smartlink
Q Class B Cyberware Security and Law Enforcement Grade: Aluminum Bone Lacing, Muscle Replacement, Rating 1 Wired Reflexes
R Class C Cyberware Military-Grade Gear: Rating 3 Wired Reflexes, Reaction Enhancer, Hand Blades
S Class D Matrix All unregistered cyberdecks and software.
T Class E Magic Unregistered spells, spirits and foci
U Class A Equipment Items of a paralegal nature: Micro-transceiver, Tracking Signals, Grapple Gun
V Class B Equipment Security and Law Enforcement Grade: Stealth Grapple Line, Maglock Passkey, Sequencer, Encryption/Decryption
W Class C Equipment Military-Grade Gear: Personal Tactical Comms, BattleTac
X Class A Controlled Chemical or pharmaceutical: Bliss, Nitro, Novacoke
Y Class B Controlled Neural Electronics such as BTLs
Z Class C Controlled Biological Agents:
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