Knowledge Skills

Knowledge Skills

What follows is a list of knowledge skills that may be found in the game. This list is far from comprehensive, but serves as an indicator of what might be done.

6th World

Atlantis Research Cybertechnology
Data Havens Dragons
Elven Society Humanis Policlub
Legendary Deckers Magic
Magical Goods Value Magical Groups
Magical Threats Matrix Gangs
Matrix Hosts Matrix Topography
Megacorporate Policies Megacorporate Research
Megacorporate Security Metahumanity
Named Spirits Paranormal Animals
Shamanic Totems Tir Tairngire Politics
Tribal Politics


Anthropology Archaeology
Art Biology
Botany Chemistry
Ecology Economics
Engineering Forensics
Geology Gunsmithing
History Law
Literature Mathematics
Medicine Metallurgy
Military Winged Aircraft Music
Parabotany Parapsychology
Parazoology Philosophy
Physics Politics
Psychology Religion
Spell Design Zoology


Engineering: This skill is often used to design new items that would be built by RL Engineers. If you're a designer or R&D specialist, this is the skill you need to have.

Law: If you're looking to know how to twist the law to your best advantage, this is the knowskill you should have.
Common Specializations: Civil, Criminal

Para[skill]: Information about the paranatural, the creatures that exist within the 6th world such as Ghosts, HellHounds and Basilisks.
Common Specializations: Rural, Urban

Background Skills

Every active skill has a corresponding background skill. This represents understanding the basic principles, laws and facts behind any Active skill.

Talismongering is the background skill for Enchanting.
Magic Background is a complementary skill for learning spells.


For your assistance, we've put together a list of the most commonly selected knowskills. These are ones that are often used by players to round out their characters.

Academic: Chemistry, Spell Design
Background: Magic Background
Interests: Any
6th World: Cybertechnology, Magic, Megacorporate Security
Street: Corporate Rumors, Criminal Organizations, Gang Identification, Gang Rumors, Government Rumors, Security Systems, Shadowscene Players, Street Rumors


20th Century Comic Books Alcohol
Cheap Synthahol Guzzling Combat Biking
Conspiracy Theories Cooking
Denver High Society Denver Junkyards
Desert Wars Elven Wines
Esoteric Trivia Flatvid Movies
Fringe Cults Gambling
Jackpoint Locations Japanese Culture
Jazz Legendary Martial Artists
Literature Mechanical Traps
Meditation Modern Art
Opera Pirate Trid Broadcasters
Poetry Pop Music
Professional Bodyguarding Punk Bands
Roleplaying Games Sci-Fi Simchips
Sculpture Seedy Ork Bars
Sim Chips Sim Starlets
TV Shows Toxic Hazards
Troll Thrash Metal Bands Urban Brawl Teams
Weightlifting Woodworking


Arms Dealers * BTL Dealers
*BTL Production Chop Shops
Corporate Finances * Corporate Rumors
*Criminal Organizations Fences
Fringe Cults Gang Identification
Gang Turf * Gang Rumors
* Government Rumors * Lone Star Tactics
Mafia-Controlled Establishments Mafia Finances
Magic Rumors Mercenary Groups
Mercenary Hot Spots Miltech Manufacturers
* NAN Border Patrol Tactics Police/Security Procedures
Prostitution Rackets * SWAT Team Tactics
Safehouse Locations Scrounging
Security Procedures * Security Systems
Shadowrunner Haunts * Shadowscene Players
* Small-Unit Tactics Smuggler Havens
Smuggling Routes * Street Rumors
Terrorist Organizations Underworld Politics
Yakuza Territory

Examples and specific skill information:

BTL [Skill]: BTL - Better than Life. Sim Sense chips that act like drugs and give you a "better than life" experience of any type, whatever type your fancy might be.

Criminal Organizations: Want general information about the how the criminal orgs work? Want information about the Mafia? The Triads? The Yakuza? This is the skill you want. Your basic information about the criminal underworld and how they work.
Common Specializations: Triads, Mafia, Yakuza

Security Systems: Need to have some security for your apartment? Need to know how to get past security? The security systems knowskill lets you understand how security works, whether it be mundane or magical.
Common Specializations: Magic, Matrix, Physical, Technological

Shadowscene Players: Need to find out something about those that run the shadows? Need to figure out those within the shadows that have a reputation? Shadowscene players will give you this information and more!

[Skill] Rumors: These are the skills associated with the +rumors code. Corporate, Street, Gang, and Government rumors are those directly impacting your rolls for what your ears pick up. Magic rumors is an additional category that is often used, but not linked in code.

[Skill] Tactics: Are you a tactician? This skill symbolizes the knowledge of tactics that you might have. Every group has their own way of handling a situation and each has their own associated skill. Whether you know the tactics of SWAT Teams or Lone Star Police, this is the skill for you.

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