Whenever you need to do something 'immediately' that may or may not become relevant later, you may want to use the +judge and +jroll commands (+help judge). These commands send messages to the Judges channel, viewable by admins. Even if there are no online admins, your request will be recorded and can be referred to later.

Use this for things like casting spells into sustaining foci, healing people of damage, or even to supplement your +qrequests. Rolls done with +jroll are considered valid so long as the correct number of dice are rolled. Please use +judge before +jroll to describe what you are doing. For example:

+judge Casting Physical Mask 6 on myself to disguise myself as a middle-aged man. Sorcery 6, +4 spell pool, +2 totem. Willpower 6, +2 spell pool.
+jroll 12/4
+jroll 8/4

Assuming you get enough successes, you can proceed as though you succeeded.

Use this only for routine role play situations where the circumstances and TN are clear. Do not use this in a plot, timestop, or Playerplot.

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