Italian Confederation

Italian Confederation

Italian Confederation
Population 52,785,500
SINless Population (est.) 34%
Per Capita Income 20,400
Below Poverty Level 22%
Megacorporate Affiliation 42%
Less than 12 years 25%
GED 45%
4 year degree 22%
Masters or higher 8%
Major Language Italian (77%)
Currency Euro
Capital Rome

The fractured Italian Confederation embodies the commonly held notions of a shattered Europe. The balkanization of this land into city-states and micronations has created a delicate balance between the power of the Mother Church, the megacorporations and the omnipresent Mafias.

Italy provides an enormous market for shadow operations as varied and eclectic as the member nations themselves. Two "rules," however, apply to shadowrunning throughout the confederation. First, it's important for runners to find out whose turf they're running on and make sure they get their share. All four Italian Mafias take a percentage of any operation in their territory, whether they're involved or not. Standard pizzo is to percent net profit. Second, each member of the confederation is a separate and distinct country or city-state; different traditions and customs apply from place to place. Nothing makes an outsider stand out and get into trouble more than mistaking a Neapolitan for a Sicilian.

The Roman Catholic Church has been secretly divided for more than fifty years. Despite the pope's best efforts to break traditionalist mindsets, ingrained prejudices retain their hold on many among the clergy. Compromises and concessions have given the Enlightened faction an edge, but the Conservatives control the Curia and await their chance to name a new pope.

Italian Confederation Members:

  • Carnia
  • Emilia Romagnia
  • GeMiTo (Genoa-Milan-Turin)
  • Lombardia
  • Mezzogiorno
  • Papal States
  • Republic of Ferrara
  • Republic of Modena
  • Republic of Serenissima
  • Republic of Tuscany
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily
  • Trentino-Alto Adige
  • Trieste
  • Valle D’Aosta
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