Initiative is rolled at the beginning of each Combat Turn. Initiative determines the number of times per turn that a character may act, each turn being broken down into phases called an initiative pass with each character's actions in the pass called a combat phase. A character determines their initiative each turn by typing +init, and acting in order of descending numerical value.

At the end of each initiative pass (after all characters have completed their combat phase in the order determined by their initiative roll), 10 points are subtracted from everyone's total initiative. If a character has an initiative greater than 0 at this point, they may act again in a second initiative pass while those who do not have an initiative higher than 0 must wait until the next Combat Turn. This process continues until no character has an initiative score higher than zero.

A player can also hold an action until later a later combat phase in an initiative pass. If more than one player decides to hold their action, the order of action is determined as if resolving an initiative tie.

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