Indirect Illusion Spells Information

Indirect Illusion Spells Information

Camouflage and Physical Camouflage

This spell colors the subject in a camouflage pattern that mimics his or her surroundings. The camouflage coloring adds a +4 target number modifier to Perception Tests to see the subject and to ranged combat attacks made against the subject.

Camouflage works against living viewers, Physical Camouflage also works against technological sensors.

Double Image and Physical Double Image

Double Image creates an exact image of the subject that appears next to them and mimics everything they do. The caster must touch the person who is being “duplicated.” The caster has limited control of the double and can adjust its movement (to keep it from walking through walls and so forth), though in tight quarters this may be difficult. A character who does not fully resist the spell will not be able to tell the original and double image apart; the double sounds, smells and looks like the original. The double is insubstantial; bullets and melee attacks will go right through it. Physical Double Image affects technological sensors as well.


This area spell gives any living beings who enter its range feelings of imminent danger, fear and unease. Characters will simultaneously feel chilled and nervous; their hackles will rise and they’ll feel slightly panicked. In game terms, any character who wishes to stay in the area or move through it must succeed in an Opposed Willpower Test against the spell’s net successes. If they fail, they’re too spooked to stay in the area and must leave it immediately.

Hot Potato

This area-effect spell creates the illusion that all metal within the range is extremely hot to the touch. Characters who do not fully resist the spell must succeed in an Opposed Willpower Test against the spell’s net successes or drop anything metal they are holding (if they are wearing something metallic, they must take it off). A character who maintains contact with metal is distracted by the “burning” sensation and suffers a target number modifier equal to the spell’s net successes, to a maximum equal to the spell’s Force.

Invisibility and Improved Invisibility

This spell makes the subject invisible to normal vision. The subject is completely tangible and detectable by the other senses. Their aura is still visible to astral perception. Attacks against invisible targets suffer the Blind Fire modifier if the attacker is unable to see or otherwise sense the target of the spell.

Invisibility affects the minds of viewers. Improved invisibility affects technological sensors as well.

Mask and Physical Mask

The mask spell alters the target’s voice, scent and other physical characteristics. The target assumes a physical appearance (of the same basic size and shape), chosen by the caster. Observers can make a Resistance Test to attempt to overcome the illusion. Mask affects the minds of viewers. Physical Mask creates an illusion that affects technological sensors as well.

Phantasm and Physical Phantasm

These area spells create convincing visual illusions of any object or creature the caster desires. They can create an illusion of anything the caster has seen before, from a flower or a credstick to a dragon breathing fire, so long as the illusion is no larger than the spell’s area. The illusion appears real unless the observer is able to make a successful Resistance Test to penetrate the illusion. Phantasm can only be detected by living beings, while Trid Phantasm creates images detectable by technological sensors as well.


Silence creates an area that dampens sound. Because it is a physical spell, Silence affects technological devices and is useful for jamming alarms, detection devices, sonar and tactical communications. Sonic attacks into or out of the field are reduced in Power by the Force of the spell. All Hearing Perception Test target numbers within or across the field are increased by +1 per success on the Sorcery Test, up to a maximum equal to the Force of the spell.


Stealth is cast on a target who becomes inaudible to normal hearing. The subject can move in complete silence and nothing they do makes noise. Things not being touched by the subject can still make noise, so a character under a stealth spell would make no noise knocking on a door, but the door would make noise hitting the floor or wall if it was kicked in.

Vehicle Mask

This is similar to a Physical Mask spell but is specifically used to mask vehicles (including drones). The caster can only mask vehicles with a Body equal to or less than the spell’s Force. The vehicle must be masked to look like another vehicle of roughly the same size (Body). This spell can also affect a vehicle’s Signature Rating; every 2 net successes can be used to raise or lower the Signature by 1, to a maximum modifier equal to the spell’s Force.

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