Indirect Illusion Spells
Indirect Illusion Spells
Spell Type Target Duration Range Drain
Camouflage M 4(R) S LOS (L)
Double Image M 4(R) S T (S)
Foreboding M 4(R) S LOS(A) (D)
Hot Potato M 4(R) S LOS(A) (M)
Improved Invisibility P 4(R) S LOS +1(M)
Invisibility M 4(R) S LOS (M)
Mask M 4(R) S LOS (M)
Phantasm M 4(R) S LOS(A) (D)
Physical Camouflage P 4(R) S LOS +1(L)
Physical Double Image P 4(R) S LOS +1(L)
Physical Mask P 4(R) S LOS +1(M)
Silence P 4(R) S LOS(A) +1(S)
Stealth P 4(R) S LOS +1(M)
Trid Phantasm P 4(R) S LOS(A) +1(D)
Vehicle Mask P 4(R) S LOS +1(S)
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