Idol Totems
Totem Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Adversary Everywhere +2 dice with Combat and Manipulation spells. If wounded, berserk like Bear. Willpower (8) Test to be friendly and civil to authority figures. Rebel, Cruel, Proud, Willful, Cynic
Bacchus Anywhere on land +2 dice for Illusion spells, +2 dice for Spirits of Man Willpower (6) Test to continue on course of action if something more interesting, prettier, or relaxing presents self. -1 Perception die modifier in presence of beauty, art, music, etc. Passionate, Enjoys Partying, Easily Distracted, Not Good with Long Term Obligations
Creator Urban or Forest +2 dice for Enchanting, +1 die for Heath and City Spirits -1 die for Combat Spells. Willpower (4) Test to avoid immediately astrally perceiving something new or unique, distracted for 3 Turns, -1 Turn per success, 3+ allows them to ignore impulse Enjoys Creating Things, Trusting, Not familiar with deceit
Dark King Natural Caves +2 dice for Health Spells and Spirits of Man Must sacrifice 1 point from a starting Physical Attribute Grim, Dark, Secretive, Physically Weak From Suffering, Symbol of Underworld
Dragonslayer Anywhere on land +3 dice for Combat spells, +1 die for Hearth Spirits -1 die for Illusion and Detection spells. Heroic, Fun-loving, Honorable, Respectful
Fire Bringer Urban +2 dice for Detection and Manipulation spells and Spirits of Man -1 die for Illusion spells Kind, Humanitarian, Creator
Great Mother Anywhere +2 dice for Health Spells and Field, Forest, and all Spirits of the Waters -2 dice in the presence of corruption Generous, Healer, Protective of Family, Strict Moral Code
Horned Man Anywhere on land +2 dice for Combat spells and Spirits of the Land Willpower (6) Test to refuse a fight or physical contest, must make Willpower Test vs. twice seducer's Charisma to refuse advances. Wild, Fertile, Instinctive, Masculine
Lover Urban +2 dice for Illusion and Control Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Spirits of the Waters Minimum Charisma of 6 Beautiful, Jealous, Irrational, Proud, Vain, Typically Female
Moon Maiden Anywhere None None Moody, Emotional, Ever-Changing, Mysterious, Symbol of Night Sky, Mostly Female Followers
Sea King Anywhere near the sea +2 dice for Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Sea Spirits -1 die for Combat spells, may play Sea Legs Flaw for RP purposes Ever-Changing, Ruler of Sea, Generous, Great Temper when Angered
Seductress Urban +2 dice with Illusion and Control Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Spirits of Man Minimum Charisma of 6, Willpower (6) Test to resist a vice or corruption when offered Jealous, Greedy, Corrupt, Exploits Others
Siren Sea +2 dice for Illusion and Control Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Sea Spirits Minimum Charisma of 6, +1 spellcasting TN modifier when attacked by more than one foe. Manipulator, Enjoys Sacrificial Rites, Loves to Destroy Others
Sky Father Anywhere under open sky +2 dice for Detection and Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Storm Spirits +2 to All TNs if entrapped or bound in any way. Counterpart of Great Mother, Observant, Patriarchal
Trickster Anywhere None None Clever, Deceptive, Prankster, Thief, Master of Disguise
Wild Huntsman Forest, Mountains, or Plains +2 dice for Detection and Illusion spells and Storm Spirits May go berserk in the same manner as Bear Artistic, Mystical, Unpredictable, Half Crazy, Shaggy
Wise Warrior Urban +2 dice for Combat and Detection spells, +2 dice for resisting all damaging spells -1 die for Illusion spells Warrior, Strategic, Wise, Honorable
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