Health Spells Information

Health Spells Information

Alleviate Allergy

This spell allows the caster to block or reduce an allergy’s effects on the target. Every 2 successes reduce the allergy’s severity by one level, with a maximum number of successes equal to the spell’s Force. The spell does not remove the allergy, only alleviates its effects. The spell does not aid against Vulnerabilities. For example, if a vampire is exposed to sunlight while under the effects of Alleviate Allergy, the subject is protected from the harmful effects of the sunlight. Alleviate Allergy does not protect the vampire from the additional damage caused if he is attacked with a wooden weapon. This spell only alleviates the effect of one allergy at a time.

Allergies have four severity levels (see p. 15, Critters), which equate to the four Damage Levels for purposes of determining Drain: Nuisance (L), Mild (M), Moderate (S) and Severe (D).


This spell helps a poisoned subject to overcome the toxin. Each success reduces the toxin’s Power by 1, up to a maximum of the spell’s Force, making it easier for the target to make Resistance Tests against the toxin. It must be cast before the toxin does damage.


A single success when casting the Awaken spell causes an unconscious target to become immediately awake and alert. The target remains conscious for a number of minutes equal to the spell’s Force times the caster’s successes. At the end of that period, the character relapses into unconsciousness. This spell does not cure Stun damage—it only temporarily mitigates its effects. A character brought to consciousness using this spell still suffers half their Stun damage modifiers.

Cause Allergy

This spell can cause the target to suffer from an allergic reaction chosen by the caster of the spell. The caster chooses a severity level and the specific material the target will react to, at the gamemaster’s discretion. The target resists the spell using Body. If the spell is successful, the subject suffers the effects of the allergy. Every 2 additional successes stage the severity level up one level, to a maximum of Severe. Severe allergies to some substances (such as sunlight or iron) can be fatal if sustained long enough. For as long as it is sustained, the Alleviate Allergy spell cancels the effects of this spell.

Allergies have four severity levels, which equate to the four Damage Levels for purposes of determining Drain: Nuisance (L), Mild (M), Moderate (S) and Severe (D).

Crank *Custom Spell — Open to All

Crank alleviates a voluntary targets need for sleep. Every success scored approximates 1 hour of sleep, with a maximum equal to the Force of the spell. Popular among student magicians, Crank does have its downside, in that the spell can only stave off up to 48 hours of sleep. At that point, the target will fall into a deep slumber for 6d6 hours and cannot be awoken. This spell has a range of Touch.

Cripple Limb

This spell can cripple any organic limb (arm, leg, tail, fin, wing) the caster touches. It has a Threshold equal to half the subject’s Body and is resisted using Body. If the spell succeeds, the affected limb becomes difficult to use while the spell is sustained. For any tests made using the limb, add a target number modifier equal to the Force of the spell plus any successes above the Threshold.

Cure Disease

This spell can be used at any point after infection, helping the patient overcome illness. Each success on the Sorcery Test reduces the Power of the disease by 1, up to a maximum of the spell’s Force, making it easier for the target to make Resistance Tests against it. It does not heal damage already done by the disease; that takes a separate healing spell.

Decrease (Attribute) and Decrease (Cybered Attribute)

The target resists the spell using the Attribute affected. If the caster wins, every 2 net successes reduces the Attribute by 1, up to a maximum reduction equal to the Force of the spell. If a Physical Attribute is reduced to 0, the victim is paralyzed. If a Mental Attribute is reduced to 0, the victim stands about mindlessly. A version of this spell exists for each of the Physical and Mental Attributes, but not the Special Attributes (Essence, Magic and Reaction). The Decrease (Attribute) spell does not affect Attributes modified by cyberware.

Decrease (Cybered Attribute) works the same as Decrease (Attribute) except it only affects Attributes modified by cyberware.

Decrease Reaction and Decrease (Cyber) Reaction

Decrease Reaction decreases the Reaction Attribute of the target. The target resists using Reaction. Every 2 net successes reduce the target’s Reaction by 1, to a maximum reduction equal to the Force of the spell. Targets whose Reaction is reduced to 0 still roll Initiative dice, but they automatically fail Surprise Tests. This spell will not affect targets whose Reaction is boosted by cyberware.

Decrease Cybered Reaction works the same as above but also affects targets whose Reaction is cyber-enhanced.

Decrease Reflexes

Decrease Reflexes reduces the number of Initiative dice available to the target up to the number indicated (–1, –2, or –3). Every 2 net successes on the Sorcery Test remove one Initiative die. The target resists the spell using Reaction. Any character who loses all his Initiative dice as a result of this spell uses Reaction for Initiative.


Detox relieves the effects of a drug or poison as long as the Force of the spell is equal to or greater than the Power Rating of the toxin. A single success is sufficient to eliminate all symptoms. Detox does not heal or prevent damage done by toxins, but it eliminates any side-effects they may have on the victim (dizziness, hallucinations, nausea, pain and so forth). Detox is the hangover cure of choice among those who can afford it.

Effervesce *Custom Spell — Open to All

The brainchild of young mages at MIT&M who were studying for finals and couldn't afford Cram, this spell essentially energizes the caster, allowing him to stay awake and functioning much longer than his own endurance would allow. The spell only affects natural alertness, it does not affect targets who have filled their Stun Monitor completely. The spell allows the target to remain awake and alert for a period of hours equal to the Force of the spell times the number of Successes rolled on the Success Test. (So an Effervesce spell cast at Force 6 with 12 successes on the test keeps you awake for 72 hours.

Once the duration of alertness ends, the subject falls asleep for a number of hours equal to the Force of the spell PLUS the Successes rolles on the Spell Success Test. The target may roll Body vs. the Force of the spell to reduce the number of hours sleeping; each success reduces the number of hours by 1, to a minimum of the Force of the spell. After awakening, the target may not have the spell cast upon them again for a period of time equal to half the number of hours they were awake. Having it cast sooner than that requires the target to resist (Force+Successes)D Stun.

Treat the effects of this spell as similar to Long Haul for +hr general workingtime, but using the hours awake/crashed from the spell casting instead of the default Long Haul numbers.


This spell allows the target to ignore feelings of hunger or thirst for (Force + successes) x 12 hours after the spell becomes permanent. This does not alleviate the need for food or water, only the desire for them and the symptoms of going without. Wealthy people often use Fast as a “diet spell.”

Heal and Treat

Both Heal and Treat repair physical injuries. Each success from the Sorcery Test can heal one box of physical damage (up to a maximum equal to the spell’s Force), or be used to reduce the base time for the spell to become permanent. Divide the base time by the successes. The total successes can be split between the two uses (healing and time reduction) as the caster desires.

Treat must be applied within one hour of injury, but it takes only half the normal time (round down) to become permanent. Heal may be applied anytime. A character can only be magically healed once for any single set of injuries. The Drain Level of the spell is equal to the subject’s Wound Level when the spell is cast.

Healthy Glow

This spell brightens eyes and hair, sloughs off dead skin cells, improves circulation and promotes general well-being. A cosmetic spell, the rich use Healthy Glow as a status symbol and pick-me-up. Though “permanent” in the sense that it does not require sustaining, the spell wears off in Force x 24 hours.


The caster must touch a voluntary or unconscious target. The spell puts the subject in a form of suspended animation. Double the successes from the Sorcery Test (up to a maximum number of successes equal to the spell’s Force). This is the factor by which bodily processes are slowed. If 4 successes are scored with Hibernate, the subject’s metabolism is slowed by a factor of 8. A target sealed into a chamber with enough air to keep it alive for a day, for example, would be able to last eight days.

Increase (Attribute) and Increase (Cyber Attribute)

These spells increase a Physical or Mental Attribute for a voluntary subject. Each Attribute requires a separate spell (Increase Strength, Increase Intelligence, and so forth). The target number is the Attribute to be increased. Every two successes increase the Attribute by 1, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell. Increase Attribute does not affect Attributes modified by cyberware. Increases to Quickness and Intelligence increase Reaction normally. Each Attribute can only be affected by a single Increase Attribute spell at a time.

The Increase Cybered Attribute spell works the same as above, but can only increase Attributes modified by cyberware.

Increase Reaction

The Increase Reaction spell increases the Reaction Attribute of a voluntary subject. Every two successes increase Reaction by 1, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell. Subjects whose Reaction Attribute is already improved by cyberware cannot be affected by this spell.

Increase Reflexes

House Ruled on Denver: The Increase Reflexes +1D6, +2D6, and +3D6 spells are nearly unique in that they require no specific force in the spell description and, in fact, the spell's result is not linked to its force. To correct this, the spells are modified as follows.

The Increase Reflexes spells are to be combined into a single spell, called Increase Reflexes. This spell has a drain code of +1D and must be cast at a minimum force equal to twice the number of bonus dice (Force 2 for +1D6, Force 4 for +2D6, Force 6 for +3D6). In addition, the number of successes necessary to cast the spell successfully must equal or exceed the number of bonus initiative dice gained (1 for +1D6, 2 for +2D6, 3 for +3D6).


This spell causes inebriation. Add the rating of blood filters to the target’s Body for the Spell Resistance Test. The target suffers a +1 target number modifier for each net success on the Sorcery Test, up to the Force of the spell. Antidote and Detox can negate the effects of this spell, using the spell’s Force as the toxin’s Strength. Otherwise, the target recovers completely from the spell’s effects after Force U 2 hours.


The Nutrition spell provides a target with nourishment, allowing them to live off pure mana for (Force + successes) x 12 hours. The spell prevents starvation and dehydration, but it does not satisfy feelings of hunger or thirst.


This spell oxygenates the blood of a voluntary subject, providing extra Body dice (1 die for every 2 successes) to resist suffocation, strangulation, the effects of inhaled gas or any other effect of oxygen deprivation. The spell also allows the subject to breathe underwater.


Preserve prevents inert organic matter from drying out, decaying, or putrefying. It can be used on such mundane things as food and drink, but it is most often used by forensic spellcasters to protect cadavers from decay before autopsy, or to preserve small organic samples (hair, skin) taken from a crime scene for use as a material link. The material remains preserved for (Force + successes) x 12 hours after the spell is made permanent.


This spell provides additional dice (+1 die per 2 successes up to the spell’s Force) for a voluntary target to resist infection, drugs, or toxins. The spell does not discriminate between harmful and beneficial drugs, so the subject also resists medicines and other helpful drugs while under the effects of the spell. Reduce the effect of a beneficial drug by 1 for every 2 successes of the spell. Two or more successes prevent the subject from being affected by alcohol while under the effect of this spell.

Resist Pain

Resist Pain allows the subject to ignore the pain of injuries, reducing the penalties from physical damage (but not stun damage). Each success on the Sorcery Test removes the effect of one box of damage from the subject’s Physical Damage Monitor, up to a maximum equal to the spell’s Force. It does not remove the damage itself, only eliminates the modifiers. Resist Pain can only be used once on any given set of injuries. It cannot be used to counteract Deadly damage, because any character with a Deadly injury is unconscious and must be healed.

The spell is “permanent” in that the boost to the patient’s endorphin levels does not wear off. If the subject’s damage rises above the Condition Level at which the patient is resisting pain or the existing injuries heal, the spell dissipates.

Regeneration *Custom Spell — Open to All

Regeneration, also known as Gift of the Lizard in some shamanic circles, allows a magician to force mana into the target to accelerate their healing in such a way as to completely regrow a missing limb or organ. There are several conditions to the use of this spell:

1. The spell must be cast within 1 hour (the Golden Hour) of the limb or organ's loss. No regrowing grampa's missing eye from 1978.

2. The spell must be cast at a Force equal to the target's unaugmented Body.

3. The spell regrows the limb/organ. It does not regrow any biological or cybernetic enhancement therein. If you have natural vision enhancements they will come back if you regrow your eye, but otherwise you lose whatever toy was in that organ/limb and the cybersystem/bioware may be ruined (GM's discretion) due to the missing piece. The spell does not regrow bioware organs.

4. The spell does not heal any damage done. That is the providence of the Heal and Treat spells.

5. The spell requires a voluntary target, and has a range of Touch.


When applied to a character with Deadly physical damage, this spell stabilizes all vital functions and prevents the character from dying. The spell's Force must be equal to or greater than the overflow damage taken by the character for this spell to have any effect on the injured character. No Body Test is needed to determine if the character dies. The caster must add the number of minutes elapsed since the character took the Deadly damage to the target number for the Sorcery Test.

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