Healing takes time, and that amount of time and the tests involved are determined by the type of damage taken.

Stun Damage

Coming back from Stun damage is more rest and recovery than healing. To recover from Stun Damage, the player rolls a number of dice equal to their Body or Willpower (whichever is higher) against a base Target Number of 2. This TN is modified by the appropriate Stun or Physical Injury modifiers.

Recovering from a box of Stun requires 60 minutes, divided by successes on the Test. After this time that box is removed from the Condition Monitor. A character unconscious from Deadly Stun does not awaken till his Stun Damage Condition Monitor reaches Serious.

To recover from Stun, the character must be resting completely. If this rest is interrupted, the test must be taken again. The result can never be better than the initial results.

Medical treatments other than Stim Patches do not have any effect on Stun Damage (and stims have drawbacks), and only some magical procedures may help alleviate Stun Damage.

Physical Damage

A character attempting to heal from Physical Damage will have a longer road ahead, and the conditions they keep themselves in will have an affect on the amount of time their healing takes.

Medical Assistance??

The character makes a Body Test versus the Target Number from the Wound Table Chart A below. Use only the character's natural Body score, as cyberware offers no benefits to the test. The character can make this test at any time, although if they do it during Combat they lose their entire next Combat Turn as they assess their injuries. If the success yields any successes, they may heal on their own without medical assistance. Failure on this test means that medical assistance is required. The effects of First Aid and magical healing should be applied before making the test for medical attention.

Getting Better

Healing physical damage occurs in stages, and one stage must be completed to go to the next. When one Damage Level is healed, the character goes to the next Damage Level on their monitor. For example, a character with a Serious Wound is reduced to a Moderate Wound and three boxes on the monitor regardless of how many boxes of Serious damage had been filled in previously.

To figure out how long it takes to heal, the character makes a natural Body Test versus the Target Number from Chart B, Healing Table, below. Divide the base time by the number of successes to find the final time, which may not be lower than what is shown on the chart below, regardless of lifestyle or care.

A number of modifiers apply to this. If a doctor (someone with a medical degree and the proper facilities, not just the Biotech skill) is involved, use Chart C, Doctoring Table, below. If the character cannot support the lifestyle mentioned, he suffers additional modifiers at the GM/Admin's discretion.

Chart A

Wound Table
Wound Level Target Number
Light 2
Moderate 4
Serious 6

Chart B

Healing Table
Damage Level Base Time Min. Time Target Number Min. Lifestyle
Deadly 30 days 3 days 10 Hospitalized
Seriously 20 days 2 days 8 High
Moderately 10 days 1 day 6 Middle
Lightly 24 hours 2 hours 4 Low

Chart C

Doctoring Table
Situation Modifier
Care Conditions (only one applies)
Intensive Care (hospital only) -2
Not in hospital or clinic +2
Bad Conditions +3
Terrible Conditions +4
Long-term magical care -2
Target is Awakened +2
Patient's natural Willpower and Body Attribute is (apply for both)
1-3 +0
4-6 -1
7-9 -2
10+ -3
Doctor's Biotech (Extended Care) Skill is
0 +4
1 +1
2 -2
3-4 -3
5-6 -4
7+ -5
Patient has undocumented Bioware + Bio Index
Patient has documented Bioware + (Bio Index/2, round up)
Patient has undocumented cyberware
Essence 5.01-6 +0
Essence 3.01-5 +1
Essence 1.01-3 +2
Essence .01-1 +3
Cyberzombie + (3 + absolute value of essence)
Patient has documented cyberware
Essence 3.01-6 +0
Essence 1.01-3 +1
Essence .01-1 +2
Cyberzombie + (2 + absolute value of essence)
Patient/doctor communication severely impaired +2
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