Tests (SR 3rd Edition page 29)

Success Test Willpower(5) means: Roll Willpower dice using TN5
Opposed Test (Skill or Attr) vs (opponents Skill or ATTR), both roll, whoever gets more successes wins.
Opposed Success Test It’s two opposing Success Tests BUT characters often use different ATTR or Skills
Open Test No Target Number. Roll # of dice equal to Skill or ATTR using Roll of 6. Keep just the highest single die.
Dice Pool Calculation Table (SR 3rd Edition page 63)
Pool Formula
Combat (Intelligence + Quickness +Wilpower) / 2,rounded down
Spell (Intelligence +Wwillpower + Magic) / 3, rounded down
Hacking (Intelligence + MPCP) / 3, rounded down
Control Reaction + (VCR x 2)
Astral Combat (Intelligence + Willpower + Charisma) / 2, rounded down
Actions (SR 3rd Edition pages 105-108)
Free Simple (2) Complex (1)
Activate Cyberware Activate Focus Astral Projection
Call a Shot Call Nature Spirit Banish Spirit
Change Smartgun Fire Mode Change Position Call Elemental
Deactivate Focus Command a Spirit Cast Spell
Delay Action Fire Weapon Control Spirit
Drop Object Insert Clip Erase Astral Signature
Drop Prone Observe in Detail Fire Automatic Weapon
Drop Sustain Spell Pick up/Put Down Object Fire Mounted or Vehicle Weapon
Gesture Quick Draw Melee / Unarmed Attack
Observe Ready Weapon Reload Firearm
Speak a word Remove Clip Summon Nature Spirit
Spell Defense Shift Perception Use Complex Object
Take Aim Use Skill
Throw Weapon
Use Simple Object

Comments by the original authors

Credit and thanks go to the original author. Note that the file bellow is based largely off SR3 core, and does not include the possibility of house rules, kb's, and/or errata. It is for quick reference only and may or may not be 100% accurate. That said, it should be good for on the fly usage when GMing a plot.
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Shadowrun: The Missing Tables

Having watched my SR3 book disintegrate from repeated usage, I had to wonder, “Isn’t there a better way?”
The intent of this document is NOT to replace the Shadowrun Player books but rather to enhance game play.
Wherever possible, the tables from the Game Master charts were not included.
Mission Statement: If I make the game easier to play, perhaps more people will play it…. Enhancing the game, the company, and the players.

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