A (Corporations)

Also referred to as multinational corporations, these third tier companies must be present in at least two countries. Examples include Gaeatronics, Microdeck, and Telestrian Industries.

AA (Corporations)

A corporation is considered AA Status if they have a strong multinational presence and maintain stability. They are granted extraterritorial rights as well. Examples of AA Corporations would include Docwagon, Lone Star Security Services, Proteus AG and Universal Omnitech.

AAA (Corporations)

The largest and most important corporations, The Big 10. They consist of Ares Macrotechnology, Aztechnology, Cross Applied Technologies (CATCo), Mutsuhama Computer Technologies (MCT), Novatech, Renraku, Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, Wuxing, and Yamatetsu.


A magician who internalizes their magic, allowing them a plethora of useful talents, not the least of which include superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, combat prowess, senses, and so on. Also known as a physical adept.


An Armored Personnel Carrier, a military vehicle designed to transport troops into battle.


Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology. It is more commonly called 'simsense' by the general public.


A term that applies to any magically active metahuman or creature, referring to their magical or paranormal abilities. In a general sense it can also apply to the world at large and the geopolitical changes that occurred when magic returned.


Street slang and derogatory term for any employee of Aztechnology or citizen of Aztlan. This term often is applied, inaccurately, to any brown-skinned vaguely Hispanic looking individual.



Street slang for a BTL simsense recording, from the acronym "Better Than Life."

Black Clinic

A medical facility (often on the street but can also refer to corporate or even government holdings) that specializes in implanting illegal and/or unregistered cyberware (or really any ware.)

Black Hat

The street/shadows term for an operative or runner who tends towards work that includes assassination, murder, large-scale destruction and so on. The term references old flatvid black and white movies where the villain of the piece often wore a dark or black hat. NOTE! A black hat runner is not always a sociopath nor a psychopath. However, in modern times that stereotype often seems to be all too common.


Chip Truth

Street slang meaning 'the absolute truth'.


Used as street slang for someone who is cybernetically enhanced. It can also be used to refer to someone interacting or interfacing with machinery (Bob is chippin' his ride.)

Chop Shop

Another term for a Black Clinic. It tends to refer to a less savory establishment on the street, one where you might find those a little lower down on the totem pole. This term comes from the sorts of places that tear cars down for parts.


Chrome most often refers to cyberware, especially those pieces that are obvious. This term can also refer to any sort of flash or glitz on a vehicle, person, program, or what have you.


A familiar term of address meaning "buddy", "pal", and so forth. Not a term to use near the open ocean, where it tends to mean someone who feeds others to the sharks.

Chunky Salsa

A slang term (possibly military in origin, or video game related) where a person is exposed to an explosive in a small area, resulting in grisly remains.


A criminal term that refers to someone brought or sent in to clean up the evidence of a crime, whether disposing of bodies, drugs, or other elements that would lead investigators to those who committed the crime. This term can also refer to an assassin, someone who cleans up a problem.

Coffin Hotel

A type of hotel with a large number of extremely small "rooms" (capsules) intended to provide cheap and basic overnight accommodation for guests not requiring the services offered by more conventional hotels. While many corporate types will use these facilities, they are more often used by the downtrodden.

Combat Drugs

Drugs designed by the military and corporations to provide augmented abilities for much cheaper than providing biological or cybernetic enhancements to troops.

Combat Zone (CZ)

An area of urban decay in a major city, often the source of violence.

Company Man

An operative for a corporation, usually augmented, sent in to deal with problems.

Corporate Court

A body with supreme authority over disputes involving extraterritorial megacorporations. The 13 members, or justices, reside on Z-O.


While most runners will believe this term references the shamanaic totem/God of that name, it also refers to an individual who transports/smuggles metahumans across a border. This term is very common near the Aztlan borders.

Cranial Bomb

A favorite method used by corporations to control assets: a small explosive device is implanted in the skull and set on a timer or trigger. Some of these explosives could even injure those outside of the intended victim. Usually fatal.


An illegal microcomputer used by deckers to infiltrate Matrix assets.


Dandelion Eater

An insulting term referring to elves, based off many of the metaspecies inability to process meat.


The Shadowrun equivalent of a hacker, this archetype can alter the fabric of the Matrix and control real world functions from there.


Direct Neural Interface. A connection between the meat and the machine.

Domo Arigato

Japanese term meaning "Thank You."


A profane term, the equivalent of "shit".

Dump Shock

Disorientation from having a simsense signal abruptly shut off.



A term that refers to biosculpted individuals, those who have added animal, insect, or other attributes.



An archetype that usually exhibits many of the elements of the classic con man.


An archetype that acts as a go-between for runners and other interests, be it for information, jobs, equipment or other assets.


A profane term that is most often seen as the equivalent to "fuck", and used in much the same way. However, another variation of the term is used, meaning to kill someone.


Gangbanger (often just banger)

A member of one of the various street gangs. Sometimes considered a derogatory term.


To kill someone.

Ghost in the Machine

A catch-all term for any unexplained happening in the Matrix.


A derogatory term for the Unexplained Genetic Expression of 2011, especially for orks and trolls.


A type of thriller ganger that specializes in vehicles (most often motorcycles) and whose turf consists of sections of highway.

Gray Hat

A runner or operative who operates in the gray area between what many consider 'good' and 'evil', Gray Hat runners likely make up the vast majority of those in the business, with their own codes of conduct and what they may or may not do.



Derogatory slang for dwarves.


Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus, a blood-borne pathogen responsible for a number of Awakened creatures.


A friendly greeting, much like hi or hello.


A mild profane term whose equivalent would be "ass".



In game terms, IC (sounds like ice) is Intrusion Countermeasures, the various preventative measures that appear in the Matrix to attack, detain, track, or impair Deckers. It can also mean In Character, the state your player object is in when you are active on the game.


A girlfriend or female companion.


Jack In/Out

To enter or leave The Maxtrix.


To walk in an arrogant manner, to strut.


A male or female prostitute.


A modified prostitute, usually to specific specification for certain users or the theme of an establishment.



A Japanese term meaning 'to change', considered a derogatory term for any metahuman.

Keeb or Keebler

A derogatory term for elves, based from an old 20th Century ad campaign for cookies.


A Japanese term for 'megacorporation', used for the AAA corporations.

Koban Wa

Japanese term, meaning "Good Evening"

Konnichi Wa

Japanese term, meaning "Good Afternoon."



A military ground effects vehicle/tank, from the term "Low Altitude Vehicle." See also thunderbird or panzer.



A shortening of the term "Magnetic Levitation" train, referring to the number of intercity transports.

Matrix, The

The term for the consensual virtual reality construct that connects the majority of computer systems in the world.

Meat Puppet

A prostitute who has had their sensory input restricted or disabled while "working."

Microdeck Industries

The Gates family software business, a AA corporation. See also, "Microsoft".

Mr. Johnson

A street term for one of the various anonymous employers for corporations or governments.


A slang term for magic, especially Voudoun.


A term for anyone not Awakened, possessing no magical talents or abilities. Can be used as a derogatory term.


Null Sheen or Null Persp

A slang term meaning "no sweat" or "not a problem", or even "OK."


The world standard for currency, although many countries and corporations have their own currency as well.


Ohayo Gozaimasu

A Japanese term meaning "Good Morning."


A Japanese term meaning "you". An informal form of address, used on the street like chummer or buddy.

Organleg or Organ Leg

To sell used body parts from a found or slain metahuman. Also called 'ghouling'.


Mysterious children with the ability to tap into the Matrix without a cyberdeck.


A male boyfriend or partner.



The replacement for 911 and not always an actual button, this security feature nevertheless alerts a designated security company when triggered.


Information files from the Matrix that are often worth money in the right hands.


A derogatory term for elves.


A shortened form of the term 'megaplex', meaning any large city or conglomeration of cities.

Poser and Poser Gang

A person or gang that pretends to be something they are not. Elven posers, for example, have fake ears surgically attached. Many gangs in this mode seek to emulate certain celebrities.


Aztlan term for "whore."




Augmented street muscle, especially those with spurs or razor fingernails or other sharp implements.


To control a vehicle, drone, or security system via mental control and cybernetic implants.

Ripper Doc

A doctor that specializes in implanting illegal cyberware. These individuals often also are involved in organ legging spare bodies or those who cannot pay for their services.


Rules of Engagement, the conditions of a contract or operation. This term is often used by mercenaries.


A freelance operative, sometimes considered untrustworthy as they have no 'lord' or leader.


RendezVous point, a term borrowed from the military and brought to the streets by mercs.



An archetype, often cybernetically enhanced, that works as street muscle. The term implies a code of honor much like the samurai of old.


A corporate employee, from the mispronunciation of the word 'salaryman'.


A flimsy hard copy of the news of the moment, available from street corner kiosks.


Any operation, mission, or plan carried out in a semi-legal manner, most often for corporations by deniable assets.


Japanese word meaning "a member of society", this can mean an honest citizen or more often a corporate employee.


A mercenary/spy world term for someone who creates fake identities and SINs.

SIN (S.I.N.)

System Identification Number. This number is assigned to each official member of society, and acts in many cases as your identification card, social security number, driver's license, and more.


An honest citizen or corporate employee, someone in the system.


Those without a SIN, an outcast from the regular society. The SINless have a hard time acquiring goods and services in a legal manner.


Skills and abilities encoded on a chip, allowing one access to languages and abilities that they do not normally possess.

Slap Patch

A dermal patch that administers drugs and medicine through the skin.


A derogatory term for a female, the equivalent of which is "cunt."


A mild profanity that can mean "fool", "idiot", or "jackoff". It can also refer to using a chip-based piece of tech (ie to slot a skillsoft.)

Slot and Run

Street slang which can mean "hurry up" or "move it."


An orkish slang for any non-troll or ork.

SOP (S.O.P.)

Military/Merc term, meaning "Standard Operating Procedure".


An acronym meaning "State of the Art", the cutting edge of technology or ideas.


Street slang that can reference a magican (usually a combat mage) or a dragon. It is very important to listen to the rest of the sentence when this comes up!


The formal name for the Elvish language.


A street term for a metroplex, often referring to the poorer parts of town.


To slum or fraternize below one's social or economic level. A favorite pass time of many corporate employee and rich kids, often done without proper security precautions.


A low-class housing situation or project. Also, a derogatory term for dwarves.


A citizen who is one step above homeless, living in dilapidated and run down housing or other less than desirable locations.

Street, The

Street slang for the underground or black market. Also used to refer to the criminal/shadowrunner sub-culture.

Street Name (Street Handle)

A call sign or name used in criminal or shadowrunner circles. Your SIN may say you are Bob Smith, but the Street knows you as MurderDeathKill.


A cheap, easy to eat food substance, often sold at corner stores. Some notable entries might include the Nuke-Em Burritos.


A derogatory term for dwarves.


A straight or honest citizen, a corporate wageslave.


Tail chaser (Tailchaser)

A high profile or noisy shadowrun to retrieve false or planted info, thus proving the info's validity


A Sperethiel curse word, equivilent to "shit" or "drek".

Thriller Gang

A gang that specializes in destruction and violence.


A decker term for running the Matrix with a cyberterminal, usually without being jacked into it at all.


A shortened form of Trideo, or the Three Dimensional Television common in Shadowrun.


An abbreviation for The Matrix.


A highly insulting term for an ork or troll, from the word 'troglodyte'.


A derogatory term for an ork or troll.



The Unexplained Genetic Expression, the event in 2011 which resulted in elves and dwarves manifesting.



A person with extensive cybernetic or biological augmentations, derived from the amount of time they must have spent immersed in a nutrient-fluid bath.


Virally Inducted Toxic Allergy Syndrome, a world-wide plague that resulted in the death of billions of metahumans.



A magician, usually hermetic, employed by a corporation or government.


A low-level functionary in a corporation.


A Japanese term, meaning "do you understand?"


A term of derision for anyone attempting to be something but not quite achieving their goal. From "want to be".


A corporate and military term for assassination or killing.


Street slang for someone with reflex augmentation, especially those without a built in off trigger or switch.

Wiz (Wizzer)

Slang term meaning "cool", "great", "fantastic" and so on.


A young mage, usually but not always associated with a gang or street element. What they lack in training they often make up for in power and surprise factor.

Word, The

Street slang for gossip, information, and so on. The Word on the Street, as it were.



Military/Merc term for cross-cut bullets, also known as dum-dums. Often erroneously applied to hollow point rounds.



A slang term referencing the Yakuza, a Japanese criminal organization. It can refer to the group as a whole or an individual.


Zone (Z-Zone)

An abbreviation of Combat Zone, the area of lawlessness and urban blight/decay in many megaplexes.

Zone Security

Security corporations often label each section or even sub-sections of a city with a security code, rating it from AAA down to Z. AAA security is considered the highest, with arrests made nearly before you can think about committing the crime. Z security ratings are almost mythical, and exist where law and order have totally broken down and a state of near-war exists. Individual ratings and labels vary by security corporation and city, runners are advised to research their homes.

Zurich-Orbital (ZO or Z-O)

The orbital space station (formerly the space station Freedom and owned by Ares) that contains the Corporate Court as well as the offices of the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank.

Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank

An extraterritorial corporation under the control of the Corporate Court. It is the largest financial institution and bank in the world, serving primarily as a lender of financial capital to most corporations.

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