Possible Armor Modifications


Item Cost Avail1 SI1 Weight
Electronic Mag 3 900
Low-Light goggles 700
Optical Mag 3 1,200
Smartgoggles 3,000
Thermographic goggles 700
Ultrasound goggles 1,000


Item Cost Avail1 SI1 Weight
Helmet/Wrist Transceiver 250 x Rating
HUD with 100 MP Mem 1,000
Signal Locator 1,000 x Rating
Tracking Signaller 100 x Rating
Vidcam (Military Only) 1,000
Vidcam Transmitter (Military Only) 500 x Rating

1 = Where no Avail or SI is given, use the armour it is to be mounted in/on.
2 = Military or Corporate Only
3 = Double costs for Corporate, Triple for Military.

Notes: Where additions are given for Avail or SI, the number applies to the base armor value.

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