Free Zone Water Board
Name Free Zone Water Board
Home Office Downtown Denver
Sectors Covered All
Services Water

Free Zone Water Board

The Administrative Branch's Free Zone Water Board handles all matters dealing with water for the metroplex. As a representative for the Council of Denver, they own all the water rights for the region. They are also responsible for maintaining the dams, reservoirs, and the all-important pipeline from the western slope. In the later case, they must carefully track the payment of hefty licensing fees to the Ute Nation, which is one of the reasons water is so expensive in the Front Range Free Zone. Water Board inspectors monitor all water meters electronically and physically to ensure that no one circumvents the metering system.

The Water Board has the legal right to fine, detain, and arrest those who tamper with the water supply or the meters. There is an entire shadow war going on between water jackers and the Water Board as both sides work against the other. Further, the Water Board can and will shut down the water to entire neighborhoods in order to detain or arrest those who tamper with the water.

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