Firearms Accessories Information 1

Firearms Accessories Information 1

Firearms Accessories

BattleTac Remote Trigger System

This weapon accessory allows a stationary weapon to be remotely activated and fired by anyone who is part of a BattleTac network. The weapon must be stationed in a fixed position, and must be linked to a transceiver to communicate with the network. The weapon may not be directly targeted because it cannot be remotely moved; it may be indirectly fired in the direction it is currently facing.


A bayonet is a long knife designed to be attached under the barrel of a rifle-sized weapon. When wielded in melee combat from the end of a weapon, in a similar fashion to a spear, use the Pole Arms skill and the damage on the table. It may be detached and used as a standard knife with the Edged Weapons skill.

Biometric Safety

A weapon modified with this system has a specialized biometric ID reader built into the weapon's grip and attached to the weapon's internal safety mechanism. The owner's palm print is stored in the system's encrypted firmware. When the weapon is picked up, the reader scans for the correct palm print and only deactivates the safety if the print matches. If the print fails, the safety remains o and the gun may not be fired.

The encryption of the embedded system is Rating 8. To change ownership of the weapon, a character must burn a new firmware chip. Blank chips cost 50 nuyen and can be programmed using a computer shop or facility.


Bipods are two-legged braces that extend downward from the weapon, allowing the weapon to be fired low to the ground with the user in a sitting or lying position. A bipod uses the underbarrel mount, does not affect Concealability and provides 2 points of recoil compensation when deployed. Setting up a bipod is a Simple Action.

Concealable Holster

Custom-fitted to the wearer, the holster can be designed for wear over the hip, in the small of the back, under the arm, on the forearm or on the ankle. It adds +2 to the Concealability of a pistol.

Grenade Link

This grenade launcher accessory uses the distance to a target determined by a range finder and programs the mini-grenade to explode in the air after it has traveled a number of meters equal to the target distance. This automatic setting reduces a launched mini-grenade's scatter from 3d6 to 1d6. All mini-grenades explode in the Combat Phase they are launched.

Quick Draw Holster

This holster is specifically designed so that a weapon may be quickly pulled and fired. A character who attempts to quick draw a pistol-sized weapon from a quick draw holster ignores the +2 modifier for using an improper holster. The quick draw holster is available in standard and concealable models, the latter acting like the Concealable Holster.

Range Finder

This device estimates the range to a target and feeds that information to a smartlink system, either cybernetic or external. When used with a smartlink-2 system, it modifies by -1 the TN to target at long range and by -2 to targets at extreme range. These modifiers are not cumulative with range modifiers provided by image magnification devices.

Safe Target System

This system prevents a character from accidentally shooting a "friendly" character. This system has two components: a small radio transmitter and the Safe Target system. Worn on a character's person, the transponder features a built-in limited GPS system and constantly transmits its location on a coded radio frequency in the same way as a beacon. The Safe Target accessory is capable for scanning for and determining the relative proximity and location of the beacon by comparing it to its own internal GPS. If the gun is pointed in the approximate direction of the beacon, the Safe Target System engages the gun's safety so that it cannot fire. Once the gun is pointed away from the beacon, the safety is automatically disengaged.

Whenever a firearm with a Safe Target System is pointed to within 2 meters of a character wearing a compatible Safe Target Beacon, make a Rating (5) Test. Apply any appropriate modifiers for ECM; the beacon has a Flux rating equal to its rating -1. If the test succeeds, the Safe Target System engages and prevents the weapon from firing until it is pointed away from the two meter radius safety zone. This feature also prevents the wielder from shooting any target behind or in front of the Safe Target beacon. If a Safe Target beacon is within 2 meters of the weapon, the system engages the safety. The system ignores the beacon of the character wielding the equipped weapon.

Safe Target Systems can be programmed to work with multiple guns and beacons. The encryption of the Safe Target beacon is equal to half its rating (round down). Once installed, a Safe Target gun modification cannot be removed. If the gun modification and beacon have different ratings, use the lowest. The Safe Target System can be turned on or off with a Simple Action.


A silencer is a barrel-mounted accessory that reduces the sound and flash of a weapon’s discharge. Silencers can only be used with single-shot or semi-automatic weapons. They cannot be used with revolvers. A silencer applies a +2 target number modifier to any attempt to notice the weapon’s use, or to locate the weapon’s firer. Using a silencer modifies Concealability by –2, and requires one Complex Action to install or remove.


Made from nylon or cloth and attaches to the barrel and stock, a sling allows the user to hang the gun from their shoulder and makes it less likely they'll drop it in combat or other difficult situations. Slings can be attached only to submachine guns, rifles, and shotguns.

Sound Suppressor

Similar to silencers, sound suppressors are used with burst-fire and full-auto weapons. A sound suppressor adds a +2 target number modifier to any attempt to notice the weapon’s use or to locate the weapon’s firer. Sound suppressors must be replaced every 300 rounds of burst or autofire. A sound suppressor modifies Concealability by –2, and requires two Complex Actions to install or remove.

Spare Clips

Extra ammunition clips cost 5¥ per clip, unloaded. They hold the maximum rounds available for the weapon, and are not interchangeable from weapon to weapon even within the same class.

Standard Holster

Standard holsters for pistol-sized weapons are available in styles to be worn on the hip or shoulder, in the small of the back. or on the thigh or ankle.


A heavy, stable mounting for heavy weapons, tripods are not concealable, and provide 6 points of recoil compensation. Tripods require a Simple Action to set up and must be used from a prone or sitting position.

Underbarrel Grapple Gun

Designed as an underbarrel attachment for rifle-sized weapons or larger, this device uses the rules for the grapple gun. It can be loaded with regular or stealth lines.

Recoil Accessories


By installing this pistol grip underneath a weapon's barrel, a character using both hands while firing can stabilize the weapon and reduce lift to the barrel. The foregrip provides one point of recoil compensation, and can only be used on submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns.

Gas Vent

Gas-vent recoil compensation systems vent a weapon’s barrel gases at a specific vector to counter barrel climb. These systems are all barrel-mounted, and subtract from the weapon’s Concealability. Once installed, gas-vent systems cannot be removed. The Gas-vent II system provides 2 points of recoil compensation, with a –1 Concealability modifier; the Gas-vent III system provides 3 points of recoil compensation, with a –2 Concealability modifier. The rating IV provides 4 ponts of recoil compensation with a -2 to conceal.


These systems consist of a heavy upper-body harness with an attached, articulated, gyro-stabilized arm that mounts a rifle or heavy weapon. The gyro-stabilization system neutralizes recoil and movement modifiers up to its rating (standard Rating 5, deluxe Rating 6). Standard military systems also include smart goggles with a protected cable connection. Mounted smartguns may still be fed through standard palm induction links. When worn, the entire system provides an additional point of impact and ballistic armor, and is not concealable. Gyro systems add +4 to the wearer’s target numbers in melee combat, and only allow him to use half his Combat Pool dice. It takes 5 minutes to get into a gyro-mount harness and one Complex Action to “quick-release” out of it. Attaching or removing a weapon from the mount requires two Complex Actions.

Hip Pad

Designed for trolls and other metahumans large enough to carry and fire heavy weapons, this system allows the wielder to brace the weapon against their hip, reducing recoil by 1.


An improved, more sophisticated and more stylish version of the gyro stabilization unit, the Max Gyro uses the standard rules but provides 7 points of recoil compensation and reduces movement modifiers by 7.

Shock Pads

Shock-absorbing pads can be mounted on the rigid shoulder stock of a rifle, assault rifle or shotgun, or on the hip brace of a heavy automatic weapon. The shock pad gives 1 point of recoil compensation.


A rigid or folding stock can be added to SMG-sized or smaller weapons that don't already have them. Stocks provide 1 point of recoil compensation.

Underbarrel Weight

The recoil compensator is simply a weight attached to the underside of the barrel, severing as a counterweight to the lift of the barrel, serving as a counterweight to the lift of the barrel during firing. It provides 1 point of recoil compensation.

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