House Rules - Firearms

House Rules — Firearms

Customization in Chargen

Firearms may be customized in chargen without gunsmithing cost and with no gunsmith contact. However, you must pay the full price for each part - you cannot upgrade with the difference in cost.

Parts from the Firearm Customization rules in Cannon Companion that have no nuyen cost may be obtained in chargen by paying the Design Points (DP) times 8.

After chargen, a PC Gunsmith may use the Firearm Customization rules from Cannon Companion to modify weapons. An NPC Gunsmith contact may also be used, as per those rules. They typically have a B/R skill of 4 and don't use karma pool.

Finally, weapons with modifications that come as stock are 'integral'. These modifications cannot be removed, only upgraded. For example, a laser sight may be upgraded to an extended laser sight, or a laser designator. A silencer may be upgraded to a sound suppressor.

Defensive and Offensive HE/AP Grenade errata

Defensive (HE or AP) and Offensive (HE or AP) have an availability of 5/4 days. All other stats remain the same. They left out the Availability number for these.

Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns on Denver operate in Burst Fire mode the same way that all firearms possessing Semi-Automatic mode operate. Which is to say, the first 'shot' is free of recoil. Thus a person firing a submachine gun in burst fire mode twice in a single pass incurs only 3 recoil on the second shot. If any other action is made with the submachine gun in the first action (firing underbarrel launcher, single shot, etc.) they do not get a 'free' burst for the second simple action, but must suffer the 3 recoil generated as normal and in addition to whatever recoil or other penalties their first action would incur.

This does not apply to supervelocity firearms such as the Ingram Supermach.

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