Filtering metamagic is an advanced form of the metamagic Cleansing, and is in fact required as a prerequisite for this power.

Instead of removing background count, the Filtering metamagic allows the Initiate to in effect sift through the ambient background count to get to the 'good' mana, partially or fully bypassing the negative effects of the background count.

In order to use this ability, the Initiate must take an Exclusive Complex Action to attune themselves to the area and create the filter. A Magic Test is made against a Target Number equal to the Background Count. Every 2 successes temporarily reduces the background count against the Initiate by 1. This remains in effect for a number of Combat Turns equal to the Initiate's Grade x (10 - background count), after which the filter gets 'clogged' and the Initiate must redo in order to enjoy the benefits of this power.

This filtering is only in effect for the Initiate in question. Everyone else in the area suffers the normal background count penalties.

This metamagic works versus temporary or permanent background counts as well as mana static, mana warps, aspected power sites, and other effects that alter the flow of magic.

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