Extended Masking

Extended Metamagic

1. This power requires both the Centering and Masking metamagic techniques as prerequisites.

2. An initiate with this power may automatically mask a number of spells, bonded foci, reusable anchoring foci, and tattoos equal to their initiate grade. The force of each item Masked must be, at most, their initiate grade * 1.5. This is in addition to the points they can conceal with the Masking technique.

3. The initiate may also conceal a number of expendable foci (anchoring or standard) equal to their initiate grade. These foci are treated as having half their rating for this purpose, and this halved rating may not exceed their initiate grade.

4. The roll for deliberate masking is modified to have a target number of the initiate's Magic rating minus their initiate grade. Successes on this test, in addition to augmenting the effectiveness of Masking, also increase the initiate's effective Grade for the purposes of determining number and power of foci that can be masked. Every 2 successes on this test add one to the initiate's effective grade. Deliberate Masking remains an exclusive simple action.

5. An initiate with this metamagical technique may choose a single focus, tattoo, or other item that may be masked, regardless of its Force. This item does not count toward the totals above.

Updated July 2009

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