Employees (PC)

PCs who wish to work for another PC in any capacity (even if not being technically paid) should mark this into their +pcnotes, or add a note onto the queue (if a single queue is the job in question). They should also include any conditions here that might result in the PC not doing their job, such as whether or not they'll really give their life to protect this guy who's only paying them 5k a month!

When you do this, you are giving your employer consent to roleplay your character in casual scenes involving the job. You are also giving consent to have your character RPed by any GM or Admin that runs a scene involving your job/employer. Even if the scene ends up not going well for your character, you have already consented to the possible consequences. Unless the results are clearly out of line and not what could typically be expected for the indicated profession (e.g., a bodyguard charging a club with a bomb in a suicide attack), you cannot appeal the results of any scene your PC might be involved in.

The PCnote is the Holy Grail, so to speak. In any conflict of poses or actions and the PCnote's explicit wording, the PCnote wins. For example, if the PCnote says that the PC never makes threats, and a pose is made with the PC making a threat, that pose is not valid.

If your employer submits a queue involving your PC, you must +qnote the specific queue in question to permit it. This includes everything from surguries, to buying gear, to karma spends (for special on-the-job training or whatnot).

If someone should go idle for more than 30 days, they no longer can work for another PC.

It should also be noted that giving clear, understandable orders to another character, PC or NPC, is a Complex Action. Speaking a word or short phrase (such as a pre-arranged signal) is a Simple Action.

Employees (NPC)

NPCs may also be hired and work for you. Unless otherwise listed in a source book or house rule, availability to find a particular profession at chargen level in a given capacity is 5/1w. Weekly salaries vary depending on the job. Experienced NPCs will charge more and be harder to find.

As above, the NPC will be RPed by the employer unless it becomes a judged scene, in which case the GM or Admin running the scene controls them.

Employee Equipment:

  • PCs: PCs should have it clearly marked what equipment they use in pursuit of their duties, in a PCnote that other GMs can see. Including voucher numbers will make it very helpful should any sort of dispute arise. They should also +sheet/allow ALL to enable GMs to use their stats properly.
  • NPCs: NPCs should have both stats and gear marked plainly. This may be as simple as, 'Use the Rocker Archetype from SR1, pXX', or 'Use the Rocker, but with Pistols 5 and a Smartlink'. If an NPC has highly irregular equipment or stats (such as anything not allowed to Chargen characters or not clearly 'standard equipment' for the archetype), this should definitely be listed. If you are providing equipment yourself, this equipment should be clearly marked as being in that PCs hot little hands.

Retirement Note

As per +news policy retirement, if a PC retires, they become an NPC. Their employers may take them as a contact for 10k immediately and continue employing them, following the rules under NPC Employees.

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