The +watcher system is implemented on this game. This lets admins eavesdrop on your roleplaying (and award Karma, or just keep abreast of things).

You will want to view +help edcheck if you're interested in knowing whether an admin is spying on you. As a general rule, before snooping on a private room with a small number of people, admins should ask a player's permission. If there's a big thing going on there, though, it might end up being public.

If you don't like being eavesdropped, simply ask the admin not to. Doing so potentially robs you of karma awards. Admins do have a right to snoop on public places, however — this mostly applies to karma awards. We're interested in what's going on on the grid; the system isn't here to listen in on people's TS or to watch OOC conversations. Once again, if you have a problem with it, ask the admin.

Watchers can be set to follow a specific player. If a watcher is set up to follow you, this will be shown in +edcheck. It can potentially do so even if the admin is offline (this is also shown).

As a general rule, for online admins, please page them if they're watching and you'd rather they didn't. If the admin is offline, or if the watcher is following you, then you may make it go away with the +edshoo command (shoo, fly on the wall).

The policy on this will get more clearly defined as things progress. In short, though, the purpose of this command is simply to let us see things going on, and effectively watch things in multiple places. We may award karma at our discretion, etc. Admins using this power to (1) harass players; (2) get OOC info to use ICly; or (3) Seriously violate a player's privacy (subject to my judgment) may face consequences depending on the situation. Please report any and all violations and concerns to Alpha.

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