Name DocWagon
Home Office Downtown Denver
Sectors Covered All
Services Medical Services


DocWagon provides medical services to the entire Front Range area as part of their contract with the Administrative Branch of Denver. Furthermore, every citizen who is registered with the Administrative Branch, who possesses a legal SIN and is in good standing with no default in any tax requirements receives Basic DocWagon coverage free of charge. Note that if you decide to receive one of the higher service plans DocWagon offers, you still pay the full price.

DocWagon operates six primary response stations in the Denver Metroplex, one in each sector. Each response station operates a 'bare bones' clinic whose available services are largely limited to 'first alert' trauma care, along with communications systems, dispatchers, garages/hangers for vehicles and accommodations for medical response teams.

Another seven response stations lie outside the main area, in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Palmer Lake and so on. The equipment and service level fluctuate in these stations. For example, the Boulder station uses primarily land vehicles while the Palmer Lake uses primarily air transports. Except in the event of a disaster too large for the station to answer, each sectors stations are responsible for all calls within that sector.

The Sioux and UCAS 'seclets', the two non-contiguous sector regions belonging to those nations, are too small to warrant their own stations. As such, they can be covered by the nearest station. Any DocWagon team entering these seclets from another sector must stop at the border station and each member must be identified and often the vehicle searched as well. The DocWagon team must submit to the same inspection on the way out, even if carrying a critical patient. The Aztlan sector will also put one of their border patrol team members aboard the transport on the way in and out to monitor things.

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