Djotto Serri

Athabaskan Council

Djotto Serri
Population UNknown yet. Estimates are about 4 Million
SINless Population (est.) Unknown
Per Capita Income Unknown
Below Poverty Level Unknown
Megacorporate Affiliation No Megacorporate Affiliations yet formalized
Less than 12 years Unknown
GED Unknown
4 year degree Unknown
Masters or higher Unknown
Major Language English (61%)
Currency Nuyen
Capital Reno

Djotto Serri is the latest addition to the North American map. It's foundation came with the formulation of the nations founding by the Great Dragon Hestaby over Reno on April 20 2080 as a consequence of the severe weakening of public order in Ute Nation, resulting from years of bad management and overly strong racial pride and meta-superstitions.
The young nation had to fight itself a place out of the remains of Ute, in strong competition with the PCC, who seeing the whole country in danger of being swallowed up by the new formed ork nation, swooped in to get as much of the Ute as was possible, intending to save it for the NAN.

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