Divining is a metamagical technique not as often selected as some of the others. Divining allows an initiate to peer into the future of an individual, and can attempt to glean meaningful information from the insight granted.

The prediction skill

The prediction skill is an active or knowledge skill, usually something that is mental in nature, that the initiate uses to focus their Divining skill. Like Centering, it can be one of many skills but any character can only have one prediction skill. The initiate's maximum Divining skill is limited by the level of this skill, and the initiate must be able to perform this skill in order to use Divining.

The Divining skill

Divining is an active, Willpower-linked skill that cannot be higher than the linked prediction skill. It is rolled, not the prediction skill, when the initiate wishes to divine something.


The Divining metamagical technique has two major uses. The first is the subject voluntarily rolling the skill to glean an answer to a question, and can be done a number of times each week equal to the initiate's grade. The second is involuntary usage of the skill, in the form of visions or omens that can come at any time, without warning. These are controlled by the GM, and the information gained is out of control of the player character. Involuntary usage does not reduce the number of predictions per week an initiate can make.

The Divining Test

The TN for the Divining test depends on how specific a question the diviner wants to answer, and increases by +2 for each attempt made to divine information on the same subject, until the subject's conditions significantly change. The number of successes gained determines the quality of the information.

Type of Question Base TN
Very Vague (Will things go well tonight?) 4
Vague (How difficult will this run be?) 5
General (Will I get hurt if I take this job?) 6
Specific (Will Mr. Johnson have bodyguards at tonight's meeting?) 8
Very Specific (What time will our target arrive at the Golden Dragon Restaurant on Wednesday?) 10
Number of Successes Quality of Information
All 1's Actively misleading information, false leads, outright lies.
1-2 Cryptic but true information.
3-4 Helpful information, still not 100% accurate.
5+ Accurate information, as specific as the question warrants.
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