Detection Spells
Detection Spells
Spell Type Target Duration Range Drain
(Animal) Sense * M 4 S T/D -1(M)
Analyze Device P OR S T/D +1(M)
Analyze Magic M F(R) S T/D (L)
Analyze Truth M W(R) S T/D (L)
Animal (Sense) M W(R) S T/D (M)
Astral Window M F(R) S T/D (L)
Catalog P 6 S T/A +1(M)
Clariaudience M 6(R) S T/D (M)
Clairvoyance M 6(R) S T/D (M)
Combat Sense M 4 S T (S)
Detect Enemies M DT(R) S T/A (M)
Detect Individual M DT(R) S T/A (L)
Detect Life M DT(R) S T/A (L)
Detect (Life Form) M DT(R) S T/A -1(L)
Detect Magic M 6(R) S T/A (L)
Detect (Object) P DT S T/A +1(M)
Diagnose M W(R) I T/D -1(L)
Enhance Aim M 6(R) S T/D (M)
Eyes of the Pack M 6(V) S T/D (M)
Mindlink M 4(V) S LOS/D (S)
Mind Probe M W(R) S T/D (S)
Night Vision P 6(R) S T/D +1(M)
Thermovision* P 6 S T/D +3(M)
Translate M 4(V) S T/D (M)

NOTES: These spells are custom spells for Denver Shadowrun MU*. They are not available in chargen, but may be taken normally afterward.

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