A description is a series of written text that describes an overview of an object, whether that be a player, a room, or a thing. It should contain as much text as is necessary to summarize what someone could directly perceive by looking at it, without any sort of deep examination or 'special' abilities. Everything on the game, including players, should have a description, and that includes you.

A description should generally not exceed a 'screenfull' in length. In general, this means that it should not go over about 20 lines of text, 80 columns each, with word-wrap. If there is more detail, you should consider using views ('+help view'). To be able to switch parts of your description easily, use the multidescer ('+help multidesc').

Be as descriptive as you can within the space. Remember, this is people's first impression of you, and it's important to make a good first impression. Watch your spelling and grammar, and keep it tasteful. Above all, avoid any form of 'powerpose' — don't tell people how they feel about your character or how they react to your appearance. It's okay to use adjectives that describe how 'most' people might react ("shocking appearance", "attractive", "hideously scarred", etc), but avoid making those direct ("You are shocked by his appearance", "You are immediately attracted to him", etc).

Character descriptions should include the following, directly or indirectly:

  • Height, weight, age, build, and race. Height/weight should be given in metric units if numbers are provided. It's fine to be vague (tall for an elf, overweight, skinny, youthful, etc).
  • Hair color, hair length, hair style, and eye color (if visible).
  • Anything unusual or unique: visible tattoos, obvious cyberware, visible scars, unusual cosmetic modifications, and so forth.
  • A general notion of attractiveness/social adeptness, based on your charisma attribute.
  • Clothing, including style, color, etc. Include any obvious jewelry.
  • General information about attitude, posture, mood, etc.
  • Use %r for line breaks and %t or [space(5)] for indents within your description to make it more readable.

No Nos

Character descriptions should not include the following:

  • Bust size or other 'sexual' measurements.
  • Any obvious sexual references (keep public descriptions PG, please).
  • Anything that isn't well-justified by your stats.
  • Obvious magical effects (unless those are explicitly justified by the rules, like the Armor spell).
  • Powerposes — telling somebody how they feel about or react to your character's appearance. In general, it's a good idea to avoid using the second person (you) form in your descriptions.
  • Poses regarding NPC's (except things like ICly hired bodyguards) (e.g. "The crowd parts to make way for this character.").
  • Avoid having your character perform any action in the description toward the observer (winking, smiling, glaring, etc.).
  • OOC information except references to +views.
  • Excessive use of ANSI color.

A Good Description

A pair of youthful brown eyes accustomed to laughter shine within a handsome, slender face. His ears taper to a graceful, understated point, unhidden by the short blond hair atop his head, carefully spiked. A single ruby earstud glistens at the base of his left ear, scintillating as his quick, energetic motions capture the light. There is an innocence in the face, a disarming enthusiasm and aggressive passion that shines through whatever his mood, reflecting the youth's underlying personality.
Not quite mature, his body seems caught on the boundary between adolescence and adulthood. His movements carry with them a certain youthful awkwardness that is not fully offset by his natural elfin grace.
Clad in a T-shirt for a popular thrash-metal band and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans, he appears to be a typical representative of his age group. A simple trenchcoat is slung over his shoulders, usually left unbuttoned. A pair of stylish velcro-fastened sneakers adorns his feet.

Bad Descriptions

This is a big, mean, ugly troll. (Not long enough, undescriptive)

Kronos stands towering above you. You get the impression that he has lived through many wars, and killed many people with his bar hands. Having been born and raised by wolves, he is a frightful foe, and those who fight him often die. (Powerposing, inclusion of non-obvious details).

The first thing you notice about this buxom blond is her bulging, lactating breasts. They look good enough to suck on for hours. She winks lasciviously in your direction. (Too much information, borderline on the 'PG' recommendation, powerposing, inclusion of character actions)

The tattoo on his right butt-cheek glistens wetly with sweat, right next to his bulging member that's clearly visible through his leather pants. (Over the 'PG' line, inclusion of non-obvious detail since we can't see through the pants, tasteless).

Electricity arcs between his fingers as he moves. (Inclusion of non-rules-based magical effects).

The RAINBOW of his hair sparkles next to his green eyes. (Way too much ANSI color)

Gorgeously handsome, this suave, smooth, godlike elf moves through the crowd, leaving a trail of onlookers gazing upon him with adoration and lust. (Inclusion of NPC reactions, not even vaguely justified by stats unless you have a charisma of 10 or above. Even then, it's pushing it.).

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