Da Bridge

Da Bridge

Da Bridge is a fixture of OrkTown. It's one of the only multi level buildings left that has much for structural integrity, rising some four stories tall on the outside. It rises some four stories tall in human standards, but upon entering, it becomes apparent that the ceiling is as high as two stories.

The building was built to be the first unit of a planned Ork/Troll Government housing district, but was stopped halfway through construction by various pressures such as politics, economics and hate.

The decor is what you could call 'junkyard retro', with special made furniture dominating the massive lobby. Chairs made from welded truck rims surround a massive flatvid screen that's protected behind an anti-beer-can screen of chickenwire. Konrad Grouser is usually seen near the back of the main lobby, watching everything with a stein of beer in one hand and a Remington RoomSweeper in easy reach of the other.

Da Bridge
Low-end Middle Lifestyle
Don't try to rent here without being a troll or maybe an ork. Don't even think about it.

Name Da Bridge
Location The Warrens (Orktown)
+poof ah/14 (da bridge)
Lifestyle Low-Middle
Rent Per Month 6990 (233/night)+ 3500 deposit and fees
Rooms 1
SIN Required No


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