Custom Totems
Totem Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Chicken Urban +1 dice for Healing spells and Detection spells Minimu Quickness 4, May panic or flee if injured Cowardly, Protective of Children, Sustainer, Panicky
Christian Urban +2 dice for Healing spells, +1 die to Dispelling attempts May not use Combat spells or combat metahumans Strong and Gentle, Capable of Violence, Proud, Diplomatic
Grey Man Urban +2 dice for Illusion and Control Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Spirits of Man Minimum Charisma 6, Willpower (6) Test to resist temptations of money, power, or sex Cunning and Stealthy, Fights Evil with its Own Weapons, Fond of Influence and Wealth, Vulnerable to Temptation
Tigress Everywhere +1 die for Combat, Detection, and Manipulation spells -1 die for Health spells, +1 to all mental TNs if dirty, Unable to back down if 'family' threatened, Unable to Summon Spirits Stealthy, Loner, Huntress, Powerful in Combat, Toys with Prey, Dedicated to family (chosen loved ones)
Repealed Environment Advantages Disadvantages Traits
Maiden of War Urban +1 dice for Combat, Health, Healing and Illusion spells, +1 die for resisting all damaging spells, +1 die for Spirits of Man -1 die for Detection spells, only females may take this totem Brave, Wise, Strategic, Subtle
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