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The chicken has been an enigmatic force throughout the cultures of humankind for many thousands of years. Some of the earliest attempts at domestication were made using chickens, and though its position has changed through the ages (from a delicacy in the western world, to a staple foodstuff of the lower classes, then back to a delicacy in recent times along with most real food), chicken remains something that many people relate to in their daily lives.

Chicken is a coward, but she is not a craven one. She is a loving and doting mother, a spirit whose bounty sustains and who asks for very little in return. Chicken is selfless and usually willing to help those who need it, but violence is feared in all its forms, and although Chicken Shamans can overcome this fear and fight, when injured, they have been known to lose their cool. A final note is that many Chicken shamans have experience with the divination metamagic feat, Chicken can see the future, but most commonly at the expense of some item or goal of great personal value.

Urban (chickens are primarily domesticated).


  • Cowardly
  • Protective of children/young
  • Sustainer and healer
  • Panicky; generally short attention span.

Advantages: +1 dice for healing spells, +1 dice for detection spells

Disadvantages: Minimum quickness 4, whenever a chicken shaman is injured, she must make a Willpower (6) test with a number of successes equal to the damage level inflicted (1 for L, 2 for M, 3 for S). Failure results in a blind panic and attempt to flee from the area and escape the source of the injury in the most direct way possible. Chicken shamans who take a D wound immediately enter this state for a number of rounds equal to their Willpower - any overflow damage taken, unless physically restrained or rendered incapable of movement through other means (destruction or amputation of the limbs, for example). After this time they collapse on the ground and are unmoving. Note that further damage taken during this time does NOT lower the amount of time running around, and that this can lead to the rather disturbing situation of 'running around like a headless chicken'. (PCs have no direct control over their actions whilst in this state)


This shamanic path represents the majority of those of the christian faith, pacifistic and forgiving. The Christ shaman does no harm to others, and heals the sick and injured without intrest of personal gain.


  • Pacifist: The Christ shaman will not use magic or other means to harm any metahuman.
  • Loyal: The Christ shaman is a trustworthy and faithful friend and mate.
  • Patient: The Christ shaman understands that some things are not in his hands.
  • Brave, Not afraid of sacrificing oneself.

Advantages: +2 die Healing Spells, +1 to Dispelling.
Disadvantages: Ban on combat magics and combat against metahumans.

The Grey Man

Unlike many other idols, the Gray Man is a relatively modern concept. His inception is in the pulp fiction, hardboiled detective novels, comic books, and film noir of the 20th century. The Gray Man is the hardboiled hero who fights evil and corruption with its own weapons, using cunning, stealth, deception, and manipulation as skillfully as brute force.

Shamans of the Gray Man tend to see themselves as fighting a 'war against evil' or as 'crusaders for justice'. They oppose those who would use power or fear to control others, but their methods often involve inflicting fear or using influence against those for whom terror and influence are the favored weapon. The Gray Man teaches that evil people deserve a strong dose of their own medicine, and that true justice does not shrink from ruthless measures.

Shamans of the Gray Man tend towards dual lives and 'secret identities', often living a normal life openly while pursuing their cause behind the cover of a mask, though some few act more openly as private investigators or bounty hunters.

Because of their high level of exposure to evil and their willingness to adopt 'evil' methods to fight evil people, shamans of the Gray Man have a deeper understanding of evil than followers of many other 'heroic' totems. They walk a narrow line between good and evil and are exposed to many temptations, as a result of this they are very vulnerable to temptations of wealth, power, sex, or pleasures.



  • Cunning and Stealthy
  • Fights evil with its own weapons
  • Fond of Influence and Wealth
  • Vulnerable to temptation

Advantages: +2 dice for Illusion and Control Manipulation spells, +2 dice for Spirits of Man
Disadvantages: Minimum Charisma (6). Must succeed in Willpower (6) Test to resist temptations of power, money, or sex.

Maiden of War

This idol represents a broad range of strong female warriors throughout history such as Diana, Artemis, Boddacia, Scathach, 'The Amazon' and so forth.


  • Subtle and not averse to using stealth to avoid combat.
  • Strategic and takes a long term view of things.
  • Wise, knows that direct combat is often the fools choice.
  • Brave, Not afraid of combat should it be needed.

Advantages: +1 dice for combat and illusion spells, +1 die for resisting all damaging spells, +1 die for summoning spirits of Man, +1 die for Health and Healing spells.
Disadvantages: -1 die for detection spells, only females may follow this idol.


Tigress has a mysterious dual nature. She is at once the lone, stealthy predator prone to outbursts of powerful violence; and at the same time, she is the dedicated mother caring for her cubs, her hunt is fueled by desire to provide for the few who mean the most to her.


  • Stealthy
  • Loner
  • Huntress
  • Dedicated to her 'family' (chosen few loved ones)
  • Powerful in combat
  • Toys with prey

Advantages: +1 Dice to Combat Spells (Powerful in Combat), +1 Dice to Detection Spells (Huntress), +1 to Manipulation Spells (Toys with Prey).
Disadvantages: +1 to Mental TN's if Dirty, Unable to Back Down if 'Family' is threatened, -1 Die to Health Spells, Unable to Summon Spirits (lone huntress)

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